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WE New Year Festival Madrid 2022
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Once again, the time has come to celebrate the arrival of a fresh, new year for the 7th time in a row with WE New Year Festival – the biggest gay winter festival in the world.
WE New Year Festival (WE NYF) gives you the opportunity to say goodbye to the past year and welcome the year of 2021 in the best way possible, accompanied by friends, guys from all over the world, and the most important gay parties in Europe – a unique experience!
WE Party is proud to present the best winter festival, served to you after a hard work carried out day by day, with the same illusion from the first festival.

Let yourself be seduced by our gogos and entertainment staff, our LED screens, the latest sound and lighting systems, in the best clubs of the Spanish capital, with the most wanted DJs from the international gay circuit.
Take a look at our last editions and celebrate a brand new year with us!
Welcome to our festival and Happy 2022!

Victor Pallas and the WE Party team.


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4 years ago.
Well let's just say, this organization markets themselves as WeParty Pride Festival Madrid and have falsely advertised themselves with many videos, some of us had very high expectations and were expecting a world class event... Needless to say, on the contrary. The bus service and security staff were so aggressive and verbally and physically assaulted some of the patrons and were delayed by 3 hours… So much for a gay friendly organization with violence? I saw a young man being pushed around and bullied by the security on the Sunday night at entrance of WeParty Fabrik, it was terrible. You go to these places to be proudly gay and end up being a victim of hostile behaviour and arrogance. Unsafe me thinks.

Many foreigners who travelled across from the globe were expecting these events to take place in Madrid, this too, was a lie. The venues were 40km outside of Madrid, resulting in taxi fares of 120 Euros, because the bus service was delayed by 3 hours and some of us were rejected.
You finally get there, you wait in 30 min queue to get inside, then you have to wait in another queue for 50 mins just to b*y tickets for drinks, then you have to wait in another queue to finally b*y your drinks. You spent the whole night waiting in queues instead of partying??
The venue was an outdoor venue, which was windy and freezing cold, 11 degrees, allot of people were unhappy. It was truly shocking.
Following this, I immediately expressed my dissatisfaction online, and someone from the WeParty team contacted and apologized for the incident, where I was turned away and rejected a BUS ride, even though I paid for a VIP Priority Boarding Bus Pass and promised to action a refund. These promises were made at the beginning of July, a couple of weeks later, I continued to express my dissatisfaction with this organization and got a very arrogant response from them. It’s now September 2017, the incident took place in June 2017 and the organizers of WeParty have still failed to refund me, which they promised and confirmed.

In total between me and my friends accumulated on all pass tickets and vip tickets, we wasted over 2000 euros on the most pathetic experience ever with WeParty.

Guys, all I can say is, avoid this organization, they are a scam and rip off, I went to Circuit Barcelona two weeks ago and it is WAY WAY WAY better and perfectly organized with friendly bus service and security. Matinee Group have been doing this for years… and I love the fact that they pay attention to their clients.
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