WE Pride Festival Madrid is a celebration that occurs in the heart of Madrid, Spain usually around late June or early July. The festival is organized by WE Party, a known lgbtq+Q+ party brand renowned for hosting extravagant dance events with exceptional production, staging and lighting. It coincides with Madrid Orgullo (also known as MADO) the citys Pride celebrations. Attracts participants from all corners of the globe.

The WE Pride Festival spans five days. Encompasses a diverse range of parties and activities held at various venues throughout the city. The festival exudes an atmosphere with attendees donning colorful and imaginative outfits to express their individuality and support for the lgbtq+Q+ community.

Notable events during the WE Pride Festival include;

1. The Opening Party; This event sets the tone for the festival and showcases international DJs, performers and dancers. Attendees can expect music and a lively ambiance that carries on into the early hours of the morning.

2. The Main Party; Taking place in a venue, in Madrid this event serves as the centerpiece of the WE Pride Festival.
This event presents visuals, top tier DJs and captivating performances that create an unforgettable experience for everyone present.

3. The Pool Party; A daytime gathering designed to provide festival goers with a break from the summer heat. The Pool Party combines fun, music and relaxation. Guests can bask in the sun take a swim, in the pool and groove to the beats of renowned international DJs.

4. The Closing Party; As the festival draws to a close the Closing Party gives attendees one opportunity to celebrate and savor the WE Pride Festival atmosphere. The event showcases a lineup of DJs dazzling performances and an exuberant ambiance that reaches its climax in a grand finale.

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When it comes to dance parties, nobody else does it like WE Party. This global gay clubbing phenomena delivers spectacular stage productions, featuring international world-class DJ’s and the hottest dancers.

One of the highlights of the WE calendar is the annual WE Pride Festival in Madrid. This year, WE Party brings some of the best event organisers to hold the festival over a 5-day period. Expect thousands of gorgeous men from all over the world coming together to celebrate Madrid Pride.

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