West Virginia, despite being mainly rural boasts a lgbtq+Q+ community with numerous gatherings and popular spots tailored to its members. Among these is the renowned "West Virginia Pride Festival " an event held in Charleston, the states capital typically in the summer season. This festival showcases a parade, performances, food stalls and a variety of activities promoting diversity and acceptance. It serves as an assembly point for lgbtq+Q+ individuals and their supporters from both within the state and neighboring areas.

Apart from the Pride Festival various local events occur throughout the year. These range from drag shows to lgbtq+Q+ film festivals and social gatherings organized by community groups and venues. These events offer spaces for people with shared interests to connect, exchange stories and foster a sense of community.

Regarding gay spots some cities in West Virginia boast establishments known for their welcoming atmosphere towards the lgbtq+Q+ community. Morgantown stands out as home, to West Virginia University with its scene comprising gay bars, clubs and cafes. These places provide environments where patrons can socialize freely while enjoying an evening out. Charleston also features lgbtq+Q+ friendly bars and venues catering to the community.


Here are some of the popular gay hotspots in West Virginia:

  1. The Broadway: Located in Charleston, The Broadway is a well-known gay bar that offers a welcoming environment for everyone. They host a variety of events, including drag shows and karaoke nights. The Broadway is known for its friendly staff and vibrant atmosphere.
  2. Vice Versa: Vice Versa is a club in Morgantown that is popular with the lgbtq+Q+ community. They host a variety of events, including drag shows, dance parties, and karaoke nights. Vice Versa is known for its inclusive atmosphere and fun events.
  3. Stonewall Resort: Located in Roanoke, the Stonewall Resort is a popular destination for lgbtq+Q+ travelers. The resort offers a variety of amenities, including a golf course, a spa, and a marina. The resort is located in a beautiful natural setting and offers a relaxing getaway.
  4. Huntington Pride: Huntington Pride is an annual event that celebrates the lgbtq+Q+ community in Huntington. The event includes a parade, live music, food vendors, and more. Huntington Pride is a great way to show support for the lgbtq+Q+ community and celebrate diversity.
  5. Parkersburg Pride: Parkersburg Pride is another annual event that celebrates the lgbtq+Q+ community. The event includes a variety of activities, including a parade, live music, and food vendors. Parkersburg Pride is a great way to connect with the local lgbtq+Q+ community.
  6. The Blue Parrot: The Blue Parrot is a gay bar located in Charleston. Known for its friendly atmosphere and fun events, The Blue Parrot is a popular spot for the local lgbtq+Q+ community.
  7. Connections Nightclub: Located in Clarksburg, Connections Nightclub is a popular spot for the lgbtq+Q+ community. They host a variety of events, including drag shows and dance parties. Connections Nightclub is known for its fun atmosphere and welcoming environment.
  8. Rainbow Pride of West Virginia: Rainbow Pride of West Virginia is an organization that hosts a variety of events for the lgbtq+Q+ community, including the annual Charleston Pride Festival. The festival includes a parade, live music, food vendors, and more.

Here are two gay-friendly hotels in West Virginia that you might be interested in:

  1. Super 8 by Wyndham Winchester VA, Winchester, USA (Gay-friendly) This hotel in Winchester, Virginia is a 10-minute drive to Shenandoah University and an hour drive from Shenandoah National Park. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, cable TV, and a private bathroom. A complimentary continental breakfast is provided for guests daily. Winchester Speedway is a 10-minute drive away, and Washington Dulles International Airport is 40 miles away. Check Availability and Prices here.

  2. Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center, Nashville, USA (Gay-friendly) This resort offers a glass atrium and an indoor garden spanning 9 acres with winding rivers and waterfalls. It is less than 2 km from the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. The resort has 15 restaurants, 4 bars, and numerous shops. Rooms and suites come with a small refrigerator and balconies overlooking the resort interior. The resort has several international restaurants, including the Revello, which offers Southern Italian dishes, and the Solario, which specializes in Mexican cuisine. Guests can relax by swimming in 2 outdoor and 1 indoor pool. Check Availability and Prices here.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (lgbtq+) people in the U.S. state of West Virginia face legal challenges not faced by non-lgbtq+ persons. Same-sex sexual activity has been legal since 1976, and same-sex marriage has been recognized since October 2014. West Virginia statutes do not address discrimination on account of sexual orientation or gender identity; however, the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Bostock v. Clayton County established that employment discrimination against lgbtq+ people is illegal.

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