Traveling is expensive. You have your flights, accommodations – which may or may not include food and drinks. And even when you sit down and budget, the miscellaneous charges and items can push your spending way over the top. Still, we all need to get away. The following locations are for those looking for something cheap, yet very cheerful.

The Azores

An exotic set of islands just a few hours off the east coast of the U.S.A, the Azores is made up of nine volcanic islands belonging to Portugal. Not a very civilized place for many centuries, the Azores has become quite modern as of late. For just $300 to $400 each way, you can really enjoy yourself here.


Most think a trip to Fiji is expensive, but it isn’t. While some resorts may run you upwards of over $1,000 a night, quaint guesthouses can be found for just $25. On top of that, getting around the island is very inexpensive as transportation doesn’t cost a lot here.


On the list for top domestic vacations, Savannah, Georgia is about three-and-a-half hours east of Atlanta. It boasts some very trendy cafes and exquisite restaurants that serve some of the best southern cuisine your lips will ever taste. Most of all, Savannah is cheap. And the best (cheapest) time to visit is between January and February.


Another great spot within the United States is Nashville, Tennessee. Going by the nickname “Music City” for its great musical attractions, one must-see spot is the Grand Ole Opry. It’s the home of the best country-music radio show and concerts in the world, which is one of the reasons Nashville is great for savers – as many of the local attractions are completely free.


You may be thinking a trip to Thailand will be costly to fly. And you’d be right. But once you’re there, you’ll get to save on hotels that cost as low as $6 a night, food for about $5 a day, and beer for only $2. And, as far as warm weather and beautiful beaches go – all of which are free – Thailand has got plenty of that.

New Orleans

Perhaps one of the most vibrant cities in the world, New Orleans is a must-visit on any traveler’s list. Of course there’s Mardi Gras, which happens in March. But you came here for the savings, which you’ll find in many a budget hotels found inside some very historic buildings.


Known for both rain and coffee, Seattle, Washington is also known to be very budget friendly. The transportation system there will only run you $1.50 a ride, it’s full of free outdoor activities, and most clubs only cost $5 to get in. Oh, and who doesn’t want to take a free selfie beside the Space Needle?


Yes, another long and costly flight. But keep in mind, when you go to Cambodia, you can get air-conditioned private rooms for $20 a night, along with meals for as low as $2. Put it this way, if you’re spending even close to $50 a day here, you’re living like royalty.


You know what’s a great spot for travelers on a budget? A place with a lot of political and social unrest, which always puts a bit of a spoil on a place’s tourism industry. Well, such a place is Egypt. But once you visit the Cairo, Nile River, and Great Pyramids, along with cabbies and merchants you can easily negotiate with, you’ll find Egypt to be a trip of a lifetime that you won’t have to save a lifetime for.
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