Wichita is often called the “Air Capital of the World” due to the large presence of aviation and aeronautical companies in the city. Although the city today has many industries and much to see and do, the name stuck. Beyond being home to a thriving aeronautical industry, the city is a warm and welcoming place with a friendly, eclectic vibe and plenty to see, do and enjoy. Truly, Wichita is wonderful!

Wichita Nightlife

Club Boomerang

Club Boomerang is one of the most popular and well-known gay bars in the city. It is known for being an easy-going place to enjoy beer, cocktails, and dancing, and it even offers a late-night breakfast buffet.

Rain Cafe and Lounge

The Rain Café and Lounge is an LGBTQ bar with a global vibe in a lively pub setting. It is known for its patio bar, live music, and excellent selection of global bar eats and drinks. It’s a great stop on a night out in Wichita!

Wichita pride

After two years of cancelled activities, Wichita Pride is back for 2022. Activities are planned for both June and September. The Unity March and the Family Picnic will be held on Saturday, June 25. The Opening Nite show will be held on Saturday, September 24, with the Pride Parade and Pride Festival on Sunday, September 25. The website will be updated as additional information becomes available. The Wichita Pride Board is proud to bring these activities to our strong and diverse community!

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