York Pride aims to raise awareness about issues pertaining to the community by organizing events participating in campaigns engaging in media discussions and providing support to lgbtq++ charities and voluntary organizations. Our objective is to offer information, guidance and assistance that celebrate the lives and history of the lgbtq++ community. We strive for York to be a place where diversity within the lgbtq++ community is valued by everyone fostering a sense of security and acceptance for lgbtq++ individuals.

York Pride is an lgbtq+Q+ pride event held in York, UK. It is organized by York Pride, which's a charity operated by volunteers with the mission of promoting equality and diversity in York and its surrounding areas.

The event typically features a parade through the streets of York followed by a festival in the city center. The festival includes forms of entertainment such as music performances, food stalls, beverages creating an inclusive environment where people of all ages and identities can come together to celebrate the lgbtq+Q+ community.

In addition to the pride event itself York Pride also arranges activities throughout the year including talks, workshops and social gatherings. These initiatives are all aimed at promoting lgbtq+Q+ equality and visibility within York.

If you need information or further details, about this event I recommend visiting the official website of York Pride or contacting them directly.

Official Website

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