Zurich is one of the cities with the highest quality of life in the world, this isn't for no reason. Not only does zurich have the highest quality of life but you are assures an even higher quality vacation in this paradise of a city. Zurich is much more than the largest city in the country but the center for business and culture. Located on the Limmat river, in the city you have a clear view of the dreamy snow covered mountains. Zurich is major center for arts and culture, with over 50 museums and over 100 galleries in the center you are guaranteed a deep immersion in the culture of Zurich. Zurich is a major gay hotspot hosting a huge hay parade in june and the Pink Apple event, the gay and lesbian film festival..

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About Zurich Travel is made easy here since everyone in the country speaks english since it’s the county's second language. Zurich is filled with open air shopping malls to walk around, sidewalk cafes, and beautiful city structure and lively streets that will make you want to walk around the city every second of daylight. You will feel more in peace than ever with crystal clear lake water and alp glaciers. surrounding you 360 degrees around your body.The center of the city, Aldtadt, is located in the old town and has many dining and shopping options; Many gay venues can be found in this region as well.

About Gay Zurich

Zurich is by far of the most lgbtq+ friendly cities in Europe, especially considering in 2009 the city elected a lesbian mayor.In Zurich you will find every kind of accommodation for the lgbtq+ community, whether it’s bars and clubs, hotels, gay neighborhoods, or mouthwatering dining options . Some of the best bars and clubs you can find in Zurich, are queer oriented with a vibrant environment and a hip crowd. Zurich is home to a huge pride parade with many parties, special bar nights, and a luminous pride decorated city to celebrate the lgbtq+ community. The city also hosts the Pink Apple Festival in June where lgbtq+ directors from all over the world show films and complete for the winning prize. Switzerland was actually the first country in the world where a gay civil union was voted on by the public majority rather than a governmental power. In the old town, the Barfusser area, contains europe's oldest hostel along with many other gay events and parties during the year. Zurich is known as on the best cities to live in because of the eco consciousness and efficient public transportation system.


On a nice sunny day in the city of Zurich, sail on the Limmat which flows through the historical city and leads to many outside restaurants and shops. Another astonishing tourist destination is the the ‘Alter Botanischer Garten’, the beautiful botanical garden of the city. For cultural immersion of the city make sure to visit the Fraumunster Church which holds Chagall windows. While wandering the amazing streets of the city you'll notice the novelty coffee shops in every corner, a distinct part of Swis culture encompasses sitting at coffee shops and enjoy the snow piled mountains overlooking mass lakes and people watching the locals. Zurich is an amazing place for art enthusiast as well, with over 50 museums and around 14 that are specific for the arts . One of the most famous museums in Zurich is the ‘Kunsthaus’ which has a large collection of paintings, sculptures, etc.

Gay Zurich Nightlife

Zurich has the most clubs per square kilometer in Switzerland and you are guaranteed a good time on a night out here. Weather you hit the gay bar ‘Labor’ or if you go to ‘Barfusser’,a gay bar of Zurich which essentially began Europe's gay scene since it’s europe's oldest gay bar. With great food, even better DJ’s, and many eccentric hot hot european men to dance the night away with, this is not a spot you want to miss. Another worthwhile hotspot, is the queer Heldenbar always playing the most popping electro and house music as well as live music on certain nights. Zurich is undoubtedly Switzerland's gay and lesbian capital and is in general quite queer-friendly. What better proof than the election of lesbian Corinne Mauch as mayor in 2009? Zurich's vibrant queer scene was one of the driving forces in creating today's club culture. Of course, some of the queer venues are cool places to hang out even if you're hetero. Zurich's queer calendar has several major events, all in spring or summer. For over ten years a Christopher Street Day has been held in June. Called Zurich Pride Festival (June 15 & 16, 2018, ( today, this is a huge event with parties, open-air bars and a colourful march through the city. In spring the Pink Apple film festival (May 5 - 10, 2018, shows gay and lesbian films from all over the world and awards a prize to a young director. But the queer scene is also very lively, big events aside. Whether you're looking for a gay-friendly bar to relax in, gay and lesbian clubbing or venues of a more raunchy kind, you'll find it in Zurich. Check out the websites or ask in some of the bars too.
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