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CASPER, Wyo - In late January, Casper Pride created a website filled with mental and physical health resources for the LGBTQ+ community.

“Outside of June, we were getting a lot of requests that we couldn’t handle, and we didn’t know how to address, and it was kind of behind the scenes it was just a scramble like ‘who can help this person?’ ‘who has the answer to this?’ It was just something, these questions we didn’t have the capacity to handle,” said Casper Pride Chair Mallory Pollock.

The guide was made in response to a survey asking the Casper LGBTQ+ community what issues they wanted resources for. Three hundred people responded to the survey, with a majority saying suicide prevention and awareness were the most pressing issues. Youth support and bullying were also high on the list of concerns.

“It pushed us to apply for a grant from the health department, and that grant covered some aspects... like responsible drinking, quitting tobacco. We figured while we were finding resources for these we should hub them, we should put them in one space,” said Pollock.

In the future, they hope to add events that involve medical professionals speaking on LGBTQ+ issues and concerns. They also hope to add legal resources so people can find queer-friendly legal representation.

“I just think it has a lot of capacity to grow so it’s really exciting outside of that, but yeah the grant covered this little bit, but I think there’s going to be a lot more added on,” said Pollock.

Casper Pride is adding provider information to the website upon request. They have already added to their resource database since launching the website. The best way to contact the organization is through social media.

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Casper Pride is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to educating, supporting, encouraging and advocating equality and growth for a supportive and inclusive community.

Born out of a desire to organize the longstanding informal pride celebration organized by a dedicated group of volunteers, the local PFLAG chapter set out to develop an established Casper Pride event in 2016. In 2018, Casper Pride became its own entity to better allow each to fulfill their respective missions, while working together to create a more inclusive community.

Every June, Casper Pride celebrates Casper Pride Weekend, an event celebrating and honoring the LGBTQI community in Wyoming, past present and future. 

We would like to thank the volunteers who make Casper Pride a success every year, our sponsors without whom we could not do this important work, and the Casper community for its tremendous support. We look forward to seeing everyone at PRIDE!
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