The Ann Arbor Art Fairs, the Ann Arbor Film Festival, and the Hash Bash (for reform of marijuana laws) are some major annual events here. The UM Wolverines, one of the Big Ten Conference football teams, plays at Michigan Stadium -- the world's largest American football stadium. Besides hosting the Film Festival the Michigan Theater screens all the best films in town, throughout the year.

Gay social life is focused, if anywhere in particular, under the light-festooned trees at Braun Court in Kerrytown. Side by side, Aut Bar, Common Language Bookstore, the Jim Toy LGBTQ Community Center and the Bar at 327 Braun Court, between them provide morning-to-night resources and relaxed hangouts for a variety of people, with casual food and drinks for many tastes. Every Friday Pride Night at Club Necto and Thursdays at Candy Bar/ Live Nightclub are weekly 18+ gay dance and show nights in town. Second Saturday monthly Boylesque Michigan 18+ shows and parties take place at the Tap Room Bar in Ypsilanti, a short drive away. Pride events, big in the 70's, are sporatic and low-key these days, but LGBT people can be open and accepted in most any social environment here. For other staples of gay life, the nightclubs and bathhouses of greater Detroit are also a short drive away.

Going out

Ashley's (338 S State St), pub/restaurant, chili, burgers, fries; scotch whiskies and 60 beers, including ales, wheat beers, lagers and stouts.

Aut Bar (315 Braun Court), laid-back gay bar and restaurant, Mexican menu, inexpensive drinks, Saturday and Sunday brunch, tree-shaded patio for warmer days.

Bar at 327 Braun Court (327 Braun Court), gay-friendly pub next to Aut, craft cocktails/ beers, hip/young mix, food every day.

Blind Pig (208 S 1st St), mostly straight dance club, live bands, wide range of music - rock, punk, metal, techno, industrial, reggae, blues to swing.

Candy Bar at Live Nightclub (102 S 1st St), every Thursday night 18+ LGBTQ dance club and lounge, two bars, drag shows, theme nights.

Club Necto (516 E Liberty St), 2-level college student 18-plus dance club, gay on Pride Fridays with special events and guest performers.

Heidelberg (215 North Main St), Bavarian restaurant and rathskeller, upstairs dance club, live bands.

The Ark (316 South Main St), live acoustic music club, among best anywhere; wide range of roots, folk, American traditional.

In Ypsilanti, Boylesque Michigan nights take place at the Tap Room (201 W Michigan Ave, Ypsilanti), for an 18+ LGBTQ/ mixed crowd, with drag shows, bingo and theme parties, Saturdays once or twice a month, Autumn through Spring.

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