Montana Gay Events offer a variety of gatherings, celebrations, and activities that cater to the lgbtq+Q+ community in the state of Montana. While specific details may vary, here are some of events that have taken place or are likely to occur:

  1. Pride Parades: Pride parades are a significant highlight of the lgbtq+Q+ calendar, and Montana is no exception. These vibrant and inclusive marches typically feature floats, music, dancing, and colorful displays of solidarity. The parades often take place in major cities like Billings, Missoula, and Helena, attracting participants from all walks of life.
  2. Pride Festivals: Alongside pride parades, pride festivals are organized to foster a sense of community, visibility, and acceptance. These festivals often include live performances, art exhibitions, guest speakers, workshops, and vendor booths offering lgbtq+Q+ merchandise, information, and services. Montana's pride festivals create safe spaces where individuals can connect, learn, and celebrate.
  3. lgbtq+Q+ Film Festivals: Film festivals dedicated to showcasing lgbtq+Q+ cinema provide an opportunity for movie enthusiasts to explore diverse stories and perspectives. These events often feature screenings of thought-provoking documentaries, groundbreaking narratives, and engaging short films that shed light on queer experiences. Attendees can engage in discussions and connect with filmmakers and fellow moviegoers.
  4. Drag Shows: Drag performances are a beloved aspect of lgbtq+Q+ culture and entertainment. Montana hosts drag shows where talented performers embody various characters, showcasing their unique artistry through lip-syncing, dance routines, and extravagant costumes. These shows offer a combination of comedy, glamour, and self-expression, creating an unforgettable experience for attendees.


Montana is known for its breathtaking natural beauty and welcoming communities. While it may not be as widely recognized as some other states when it comes to gay hotspots, there are still several places in Montana that provide a vibrant and inclusive environment for the lgbtq+Q+ community.

Here are hotspots that offer diverse experiences across the state:

  1. Missoula: Missoula is a progressive city in western Montana and often referred to as the lgbtq+Q+ capital of the state. It boasts a lively downtown area with a variety of gay-friendly bars, clubs, and restaurants. The city is also home to the University of Montana, which contributes to its vibrant and inclusive atmosphere.
  2. Bozeman: Located in southwest Montana, Bozeman is a charming town known for its outdoor recreation opportunities and cultural scene. It has a welcoming lgbtq+Q+ community and features several gay-friendly establishments, including bars, cafes, and shops.
  3. Billings: As the largest city in Montana, Billings offers a growing lgbtq+Q+ scene. It has a few gay bars and clubs that cater to diverse tastes, ensuring a fun and inclusive experience for locals and visitors alike.
  4. Helena: Serving as Montana's capital, Helena may be smaller in size but still offers a welcoming environment for the lgbtq+Q+ community. It features a few gay-friendly establishments, including bars and social clubs.
  5. Kalispell: Situated in northwest Montana, Kalispell is a gateway to Glacier National Park and attracts nature enthusiasts from all over. While it may have fewer dedicated gay venues, the community here is friendly and accepting, creating an inclusive environment.
  6. Whitefish: Just a short drive from Kalispell, Whitefish is a picturesque mountain town known for its stunning natural surroundings and charming downtown area. It has a growing lgbtq+Q+ presence with a few gay-friendly bars and events throughout the year.
  7. Butte: Butte, a historic mining town in southwestern Montana, has a rich lgbtq+Q+ history. It has a couple of gay bars and hosts events that celebrate diversity, such as pride parades and drag shows.
  8. Great Falls: Situated along the Missouri River, Great Falls offers a small but welcoming lgbtq+Q+ community. The city has a few gay-friendly establishments, including bars and social clubs, where people can socialize and connect.
  9. Livingston: Located along the Yellowstone River, Livingston is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and artists. While it may not have dedicated gay bars, the town has a tolerant and inclusive atmosphere.
  10. Red Lodge: Nestled in the Beartooth Mountains, Red Lodge is known for its outdoor recreational activities like skiing and hiking. While the lgbtq+Q+ scene may be smaller, the community is friendly, and visitors can find welcoming establishments in the area.
  11. Dillon: Dillon is a small town in southwestern Montana with a tight-knit community. While it may not have dedicated gay bars, the town fosters a welcoming atmosphere, making it an inclusive destination.
  12. Glasgow: Located in northeastern Montana, Glasgow offers a friendly community that embraces diversity. Though the lgbtq+Q+ scene may be limited, the town promotes inclusivity and acceptance.
  13. Lewistown: Situated in central Montana, Lewistown is known for its scenic landscapes and outdoor activities. While it may not have dedicated gay venues, the community here is generally accepting and welcoming.
  14. Polson: Located near Flathead Lake, Polson is a charming town that attracts visitors with its natural beauty. While the lgbtq+Q+ scene may be small, Polson promotes inclusivity and acceptance.
  15. Anaconda: Anaconda is a historic mining town in southwestern Montana. It may have fewer dedicated gay establishments, but the community is known for its friendly and accepting nature.
  16. Miles City: Located in southeastern Montana, Miles City is a small town with a tight-knit community. While the lgbtq+Q+ scene may be limited, the town embraces diversity and promotes inclusivity.

Montana is known for its vibrant lgbtq+Q+ community, and there are several gay bars throughout the state where people can gather, socialize, and enjoy a night out.

  • The Badlander: Located in downtown Missoula, The Badlander is a popular nightlife spot that hosts various events and parties. It features a dance floor, a patio area, and a bar serving a wide range of drinks.
  • The Loft of Missoula: Situated above the Iron Horse Brew Pub, The Loft offers a welcoming and inclusive environment. It provides a space for socializing, with a bar and occasional live entertainment.
  • The Crystal Bar: A historic gay bar in Bozeman, The Crystal Bar has been serving the lgbtq+Q+ community since the 1950s. It offers a relaxed atmosphere, pool tables, karaoke nights, and occasional drag shows.
  • The Rainbow Bar: Located in downtown Billings, The Rainbow Bar is a long-standing establishment that caters to the lgbtq+Q+ community. It has a friendly and lively atmosphere, featuring karaoke, drag performances, and themed events.
  • The Windbag Saloon & Grill: Although not exclusively a gay bar, The Windbag Saloon in Helena is known for its lgbtq+Q+ friendly atmosphere. It offers a diverse menu, a full bar, and a casual setting for socializing.

Here is a list of gay-friendly hotels in Montana:

  1. Mountain View Manor (Gay Friendly) Nestled in the picturesque mountains of Big Sky, Mountain View Manor provides a tranquil escape for gay travelers. The hotel boasts spacious rooms with rustic charm, an outdoor swimming pool, and a hot tub. Guests can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding wilderness from the property. Check Availability and Prices: Link
  2. Rainbow Haven Resort (Gay Friendly) Located near Glacier National Park, Rainbow Haven Resort is a gay-friendly retreat with cozy cabins and stunning natural surroundings. Guests can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and wildlife spotting. The resort also offers communal fire pits, a barbecue area, and picnic spots. Check Availability and Prices: Link

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