Munich, the capital of Bavaria, offers just everything imaginable for the gay traveler. As Germany’s third largest city, it offers an abundance of outdoor activities owing to it position squarely at the foot of the alps. When you’re not skiing or hiking, there are gay spots dotting the landscape of Munich to tempt event the most conservative of travelers. The center of gay activity in Munich revolves around the Glockenbachviertel area of the city. Dating back to the 1970s, this is the unofficial home of the red-light district, which today has morphed into a variety of bars, clubs, and cruising areas on display. One such cruising area that is extremely popular is the English Garden, which is larger in area than even Central Park in New York believe it or not. There are also numerous famous beers gardens, legendary all over Germany, that are accommodating to gays and straights alike. Feel free to be yourself and enjoy Munich, alone or with your partner.

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Gay Annual Events In Munich

DJane’s Delight – A hugely popular women’s festival taking place annually in Munich. Largely lesbian attendees but open to any women with an abundance of club events, dancing, and good vibes.
QueerFilmNacht – Holds gay film events across Germany and there is at least one annually in Munich. A fun way to meet people in the Munich gay community without using dating apps or alcohol. Plus the films are pretty amazing (but you just need to see the sexy yet sad Free Fall / Freier Fall before you go to Gay Germany!)
Gay Oktoberfest – Members of the LGBT community are free to attend the epic Oktoberfest Beer festival anytime they wish, but many choose to attend “Rosa Wiesn-Oktoberfest” or the “Pink Meadow Oktoberfest” on the first Sunday of every festival. Thousandattendees attendees visit the Bräurosl tent on this one day with hook-ups everywhere, the music switched for Pop icons such as Gaga, Beyonce and Madonna and many choosing to wear fetish fashion. Started by the Munich Lions’ Club Fetish Club in the 1970’s, this is now a strong tradition with drag queens, an attitude-free atmosphere and condoms available in the bathrooms! Book your hotels months in advance for Gay Oktoberfest though as prices skyrocket!
Munich Pride – Also known as ‘Christopher Street Day’, this week-long party celebrates the role of the LGBT community in making Munich what it is today, and is totally worth planning a trip around. Held annually in July since 1980, the highlights are the huge street festival, a vibrant parade and clubbing in the city hall – but there are plenty of other events! Today it is largely about celebrating but of course still much needs to be done to achieve total equality and Munich Pride still has a strong focus on its political roots.
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