Here are some gay events in New Jersey:

  1. Garden State Equality Gala: The Garden State Equality Gala is an annual event held in New Jersey to support lgbtq+Q+ rights and advocacy. It features a glamorous evening of cocktails, dinner, and entertainment, with notable speakers and performances by local and national lgbtq+Q+ artists.
  2. Jersey Pride: Jersey Pride is one of the largest lgbtq+Q+ pride celebrations in New Jersey. It takes place annually in Asbury Park and includes a colorful parade, live music, drag shows, food vendors, and a family-friendly area with activities for children.
  3. lgbtq+Q+ Film Festivals: New Jersey hosts several lgbtq+Q+ film festivals throughout the year. These festivals showcase a variety of queer-themed films, including feature films, documentaries, and shorts, providing a platform for lgbtq+Q+ filmmakers to showcase their work.
  4. Drag Shows and Cabarets: Various venues across New Jersey regularly host drag shows and cabarets featuring talented local drag performers. These events offer a vibrant and entertaining experience with dazzling performances, lip-sync battles, and audience engagement.
  5. lgbtq+ Center Events: Many lgbtq+ community centers in New Jersey organize events and activities for the local lgbtq+Q+ community. These can include support groups, workshops, social gatherings, and educational programs aimed at fostering inclusivity and providing a safe space.
  6. Pride Runs and Walks: Pride-themed runs and walks are popular events in New Jersey, bringing together lgbtq+Q+ individuals, allies, and supporters. These events promote physical fitness, community engagement, and pride in one's identity.
  7. lgbtq+Q+ Youth Events: New Jersey hosts various events specifically designed for lgbtq+Q+ youth, including proms, talent shows, workshops, and summer camps. These events aim to create a sense of belonging, provide resources, and empower young individuals in their journey of self-discovery and acceptance.
  8. Pride Month Celebrations: Throughout the month of June, New Jersey celebrates Pride Month with a series of events, including parades, festivals, art exhibits, and parties. These festivities commemorate the history and achievements of the lgbtq+Q+ community and promote visibility and equality.

New Jersey is frequently referred to as one of the United States' most lgbtq+-friendly states, with several gay establishments and venues throughout the state, notably in Jersey City, Asbury Park, Maplewood, Atlantic City, Ocean Grove, Edison and Cape May among others. Opinion polls have shown very high levels of support for same-sex marriage.


Here are  gay hotspots in New Jersey, each offering a unique experience:

  1. Paradise: Located in Asbury Park, Paradise is a popular lgbtq+Q+ nightclub with a lively atmosphere, featuring drag shows, dancing, and themed events. The club has a spacious dance floor, multiple bars, and a diverse crowd.
  2. Georgie's Bar: Situated in Asbury Park, Georgie's Bar is a long-standing gay-friendly establishment that offers a relaxed atmosphere. It features a cozy bar area, occasional live entertainment, and a comfortable outdoor patio.
  3. The Rainbow Room: Located in Seaside Heights, The Rainbow Room is a well-known lgbtq+Q+ venue that hosts drag shows, karaoke nights, and themed parties. It offers a friendly environment and has a dance floor for those who enjoy letting loose.
  4. Feathers: Situated in River Edge, Feathers is a popular gay club known for its vibrant drag shows and energetic dance parties. The club has multiple levels, each with a different ambiance, and also hosts special events.
  5. The Den Nightclub: Located in Jersey City, The Den is a trendy gay club known for its vibrant parties and energetic atmosphere. It features a spacious dance floor, multiple bars, and hosts regular drag shows and theme nights.
  6. Xscape: Situated in Passaic, Xscape is a lgbtq+Q+ nightclub that caters to diverse tastes. With a mix of music genres and occasional live performances, Xscape offers a welcoming environment for a night of dancing and socializing.
  7. The Pint Bar: Located in Jersey City, The Pint Bar is a cozy gay-friendly pub that offers a laid-back atmosphere and a wide selection of craft beers. It's a great spot to enjoy a relaxed evening with friends.
  8. Six 26: Situated in Jersey City, Six 26 is a sleek and stylish lgbtq+Q+ bar that caters to a diverse crowd. It features a chic interior, signature cocktails, and hosts a variety of events, including live performances and art exhibitions.
  9. Club Feathers: Located in River Edge, Club Feathers is a spacious gay club that offers multiple bars, a large dance floor, and regular drag shows. It's a popular destination for those looking to dance the night away.
  10. The Lounge at Paradise: Situated within the Paradise nightclub in Asbury Park, The Lounge offers a more relaxed atmosphere with cozy seating areas, craft cocktails, and occasional live music performances.
  11. Atlantic City Beach: The beach in Atlantic City is known for being lgbtq+Q+-friendly and attracts a diverse crowd during the summer months. It's a great place to soak up the sun, meet new people, and enjoy the vibrant beachside atmosphere.
  12. The Madison: Located in Riverside, The Madison is a gay-friendly bar that offers a laid-back environment with a friendly staff. It's a great spot for casual drinks and conversation.
  13. New Jersey Gay Men's Chorus: The New Jersey Gay Men's Chorus is a renowned lgbtq+Q+ musical group that performs throughout the state. Attending one of their concerts is a great way to enjoy live music and support the local lgbtq+Q+ community.
  14. Asbury Park Pride Festival: Asbury Park hosts an annual Pride Festival that celebrates the lgbtq+Q+ community. The festival features live performances, parades, vendors, and a variety of activities that promote inclusivity and acceptance.
  15. Posh Bar & Lounge: Situated in Union City, Posh Bar & Lounge is a stylish gay-friendly venue that offers a relaxed environment for socializing and dancing. It hosts a variety of events, including themed parties and drag shows.
  16. The Sip: Located in Maplewood, The Sip is a lgbtq+Q+-friendly lounge that offers a cozy and intimate atmosphere. It's a great spot for enjoying craft cocktails, engaging in conversation, and listening to live music.

Gay-friendly hotels in New Jersey:

  1. Boardwalk Resorts at Atlantic Palace (Gay-friendly): Situated in Atlantic City, this beachfront hotel is a popular choice among guests. It has received a rating of 4.78 and provides amenities like a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, a shared lounge, and a restaurant. You can check availability and prices here​​.

  2. The Star Inn (Gay-friendly): This quaint hotel located in Cape May offers a wonderful and convenient stay with its close proximity to the beach, restaurants, and shops. Its rooms are well-equipped and it has been rated exceptionally well. Check availability and prices here​​.
  3. Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Atlantic City, NJ - Gay Friendly This luxury resort features a casino, a full-service spa, and 18 restaurants. Guests can enjoy a meal in one of the 2 coffee shops/cafes and perks like a free beach shuttle. The resort also has an indoor pool and gym, and guests can relax with drinks at one of the 7 bars/lounges​​. Check Availability.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (lgbtq+) persons in New Jersey have the same rights and responsibilities as heterosexuals. lgbtq+ persons in New Jersey enjoy strong protections from discrimination, and have had the right to marry since October 21, 2013.

Since the late 1960s, state-sanctioned discrimination against lgbtq+ people has become increasingly less acceptable. A series of court decisions have enlarged the areas of lgbtq+ rights. lgbtq+ people were allowed to gather in drinking establishments in 1967 and allowed to have intimate relationships in 1978. Anti-gay adoption policies by New Jersey's state welfare agency were dropped in 1997. The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, amended to include sexual orientation and gender identity in 1991 and 2006, prohibits discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations. Criminal law deters bias-motivated crimes against lgbtq+ individuals, and New Jersey schools are required to adopt anti-bullying measures that address lgbtq+ students. In August 2013, Governor Chris Christie signed a bill into law prohibiting mental health providers from providing so-called "conversion therapy" to lgbtq+ minors.

New Jersey is frequently referred to as one of the United States' most lgbtq+-friendly states, with several gay establishments and venues throughout the state, notably in Jersey City, Asbury Park, Maplewood, Atlantic City, Ocean Grove, Edison and Cape May among others. Opinion polls have shown very high levels of support for same-sex marriage.


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