This city has a wide gastronomic and cultural vibe to offer. Bogota is home to the largest gay bar in Latin America. The city has a vibrant lgbtq+ nightlife that makes everyone feel welcome. Bogota’s artistic Chapinero neighborhood, similar to New York’s Greenwich Village, boasts numerous gay-friendly bars, clubs, and cafes. No doubt one of the best areas to visit in Colombia, Chapinero has affectionately been dubbed, “Chapi-gay” for its plethora of lgbtq+Q-friendly hangouts and activities.


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hotels in Bogota that cater to a men-only or gay-friendly clientele:

  1. Theatron Hotel Boutique: Located in the lively Chapinero district, this trendy, gay-friendly boutique hotel is within walking distance of Theatron, one of the largest gay clubs in Latin America. The hotel features modern rooms, a rooftop terrace with stunning views, and a restaurant serving Colombian and international cuisine. To check availability and prices, visit:

  2. Gay Bed and Breakfast Chapinero: This cozy, men-only bed and breakfast is situated in the heart of Chapinero, close to numerous gay bars and clubs. The property offers comfortable private rooms and shared spaces to socialize, such as a living room and a kitchen. To check availability and prices, visit:

  3. Hotel Boutique Zona G: Although not exclusively a gay hotel, Hotel Boutique Zona G is known for being lgbtq+Q+ friendly. Located in the upscale Zona G neighborhood, it offers elegantly designed rooms and a restaurant that serves a fusion of Colombian and international dishes. To check availability and prices, visit:

  4. Boho Rooms Chapinero: Boho Rooms Chapinero is another gay-friendly option in Bogota. The hotel features stylish rooms and common areas, creating a relaxed atmosphere for guests to enjoy. Its prime location in Chapinero makes it an ideal choice for those looking to explore the local gay scene. To check availability and prices, visit:


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