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People often come to Camiguin when they are in need of a relaxing and comfortable holiday, away from major urban centers. That should be taken to mean that this tropical paradise of a city is boring and mundane. On the contrary – each and every day brings the opportunity for a new adventure. The people on the island are most hospitable, and diving and snorkeling options abound. Getting around the island is easy as well, so you most likely find yourself interacting with and getting to know the locals in no time at all. Of course, some of the resorts are marvels in and of themselves, so you might find yourself relaxing at the pool with a hot guy or two during the day, and then sitting at the beach bar by night. One gay owned hotel and resort that comes highly recommended is the Balai sa Baibai Resort. Situated right on the beach, with a pool that overlooks the island, you might discover that you never want to leave!

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