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As the capital city of Australia, Canberra is inland and away from the water, but that does not keep the gay scene here from being lively, vibrant, and at times, raunchy. In typical Australian fashion, there is always a party to be found in Canberra, and gays have their own venue where they let their inhibitions run wild into all hours of the night. Cube is perhaps the biggest and well known gay club in the area, with professional DJs ruling the night, and professional drag shows a regular feature. In addition to the nightclubs, there are ample cruising areas dotting the landscape of the city, along with nude themed party nights to take part in. While there might not be a natural beach in the area, that has not stopped developers throughout the city from creating some of the best swimming pools and lake resort areas found anywhere. This will give you more than enough opportunity to show off that body you have been working hard to perfect, while gazing at the hot guys that are sure to be on display around you as well.

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