Minnesota is known for its vibrant lgbtq+Q+ community and offers a range of gay events and hotspots throughout the state. Whether you're looking for a lively nightlife scene or inclusive community gatherings, there are various options to explore. Here are some Minnesota's gay events and hotspots:

  1. Twin Cities Pride: Twin Cities Pride is a prominent lgbtq+Q+ event held annually in Minneapolis. It features a vibrant parade, live performances, art exhibits, and community booths. This inclusive celebration attracts a diverse range of attendees and promotes equality and acceptance.
  2. Gay 90's: Located in downtown Minneapolis, Gay 90's is a popular gay nightclub known for its lively atmosphere and diverse entertainment options. The club features multiple bars, dance floors, drag shows, and themed nights, offering a dynamic experience for patrons.
  3. The Saloon: Another iconic gay bar in Minneapolis, The Saloon has been a staple in the lgbtq+Q+ community for decades. It offers a welcoming environment with multiple levels, a spacious dance floor, drag shows, and various events throughout the week.
  4. Camp Bar: Camp Bar, with locations in St. Paul and downtown Minneapolis, provides a laid-back atmosphere where patrons can enjoy craft cocktails, comedy shows, and live music. It's known for its inclusive vibe and friendly staff.
  5. Twin Cities Gay Men's Chorus: The Twin Cities Gay Men's Chorus is a renowned performing arts group that showcases the talents of gay men in the community. They perform a diverse range of musical genres and often collaborate with other local organizations for special events.
  6. lgbtq+ Film Festival: The Twin Cities hosts an annual lgbtq+ Film Festival, which screens a selection of independent films with lgbtq+Q+ themes. This event provides an opportunity to explore diverse narratives and engage in thought-provoking discussions.
  7. Queer Book Clubs: Several lgbtq+Q+-friendly book clubs operate in Minnesota, providing opportunities for individuals to discuss literature and connect with like-minded individuals. These book clubs often meet at local libraries or community centers.



Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (lgbtq+) persons in the U.S. state of Minnesota have the same rights and responsibilities as non-lgbtq+ people. Minnesota became the first U.S. state to outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in 1993, protecting lgbtq+ people from discrimination in the fields of employment, housing, and public accommodations. In 2013, the state legalized same-sex marriage, after a bill allowing such marriages was passed by the Minnesota Legislature and subsequently signed into law by Governor Mark Dayton. This followed a 2012 ballot measure in which voters rejected constitutionally banning same-sex marriage.
Minnesota is frequently referred to as one of the most lgbtq+-friendly states in the Midwestern United States. Though legislation outlawing same-sex sexual activity remains on the books, it has not been enforced since 2001 when the state Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional. In July 2021, an executive order was signed and implemented that bans conversion therapy state-wide. Some cities within Minnesota have already legally banned conversion therapy by local ordinances.

Popular gay bars in Minnesota.:

  1. The Saloon: Located in Minneapolis, The Saloon is one of the oldest gay bars in the city. It features multiple levels with different music genres, a spacious dance floor, and regular drag shows. The bar is known for its vibrant atmosphere and welcoming environment.
  2. Gay 90s: Also situated in Minneapolis, Gay 90s is a large entertainment complex with several bars and dance floors. Each area offers a distinct theme and music style, catering to different tastes. The bar hosts lively drag performances and frequently organizes special events and parties.
  3. The Town House: This iconic St. Paul establishment is a popular spot among locals and visitors. The Town House offers a cozy and intimate atmosphere, with a focus on providing a friendly and inclusive space. It hosts various events, including trivia nights and karaoke.
  4. LUSH: Located in Northeast Minneapolis, LUSH is a trendy gay bar and nightclub. It features a chic interior with modern decor and hosts drag shows, burlesque performances, and live music. LUSH is known for its vibrant weekend parties and creative cocktails.
  5. EagleBOLTbar: Situated in downtown Minneapolis, EagleBOLTbar is a popular leather and Levi's bar. It attracts a diverse crowd and offers a relaxed and welcoming environment for the leather and fetish community. The bar hosts regular themed events and provides a unique experience.
  6. The Bolt Underground: Located beneath EagleBOLTbar in Minneapolis, The Bolt Underground is a basement-level dance club. It offers a high-energy atmosphere with DJs playing a variety of music genres. The bar is known for its late-night hours and underground vibe.
  7. 19 Bar: Situated in the Loring Park neighborhood of Minneapolis, 19 Bar is a historic gay bar with a laid-back atmosphere. It has a long-standing reputation as a welcoming establishment, attracting a diverse clientele. The bar often features live music and hosts karaoke nights.
  8. The Black Hart of Saint Paul: This lgbtq+Q+ inclusive bar in St. Paul offers a cozy and intimate setting. The Black Hart features a rustic interior with a fireplace, making it a comfortable spot to enjoy a drink with friends. The bar occasionally hosts drag shows and open mic nights.
  9. The Saloon MN: Located in Rochester, The Saloon MN is an offshoot of the renowned Minneapolis gay bar. It brings the same vibrant energy to Rochester's lgbtq+Q+ community, featuring a spacious dance floor, regular drag performances, and a friendly atmosphere.
  10. Camp Bar Twin Cities: With locations in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Camp Bar Twin Cities offers a unique experience inspired by the nostalgia of summer camp. The bar features rustic decor, a cozy fireplace, and a relaxed atmosphere. It hosts events such as bingo nights and trivia contests.

Here is a list of gay-friendly hotels in Minnesota:

  1. Aloft Minneapolis (Gay-friendly) Aloft Minneapolis offers modern and vibrant accommodations in downtown Minneapolis. It features loft-style rooms, a hip bar, a fitness center, and easy access to popular attractions. Check Availability and Prices: link
  2. The Commons Hotel (Gay-friendly) The Commons Hotel is a boutique hotel located near the University of Minnesota campus. It features modern rooms, a farm-to-table restaurant, a fitness center, and easy access to local attractions. Check Availability and Prices: link
  3. Hewing Hotel (Gay-friendly) The Hewing Hotel is a boutique hotel housed in a historic brick-and-timber building. It offers stylish rooms, a rooftop bar, a sauna, and a restaurant serving Nordic-inspired cuisine. Check Availability and Prices: link
  4. Graduate Minneapolis (Gay-friendly) The Graduate Minneapolis is a unique hotel located near the University of Minnesota campus. It features retro-chic rooms, a rooftop lounge, a coffee shop, and a restaurant. Check Availability and Prices: link
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