Whether it’s the football, music, nightlife, architecture or shops that brings you to Liverpool, your visit will be memorable.

LGBT life in Liverpool, England is made up of persons who are either lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender/transsexual.
As the location of Britain's first and only official gay quarter, the only LGBT combined arts organisation in the North of England, the UK's most gay friendly university and one of Europe's largest free Gay Pride festivals, life in modern Liverpool allows many more liberties for gays and lesbians than it ever did.
However, up until quite recently the city was often thought of as a 'lesser gay-friendly' destination and compared negatively in comparison to other metropolitan areas of similar size and stature.
Liverpool's idiosyncratic culture, economy, and deep relationship with Roman Catholicism have long been discussed in the context of homosexuality and often cited as possible explanations for perceived lack of progress, nevertheless, the recent resurgence since its time as European Capital of Culture has inspired a national and international debate and has led to a major new perspective of local gay and lesbian life.

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