If you want to see the more historical side of Germany, while still encountering the hot guys and gay life that you came to Germany for in the first place, then Dresdent is the place for you. Residing squarely in East Germany, there are countless museums and example of classical architecture to make you happy, while the saunas and cruising areas that make the nation famous abound here as well. Dress warm in the winter and prepare to take it all off in the summer. Enjoy!


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Dresden is the capital city of the German state of Saxony and has a vibrant lgbtq++ community. The city hosts several gay events throughout the year, including:

  1. Dresden CSD (Christopher Street Day): This is a pride parade that takes place in June or July. The parade starts at Albertplatz and ends at the Altmarkt, where a stage is set up for various performances.

  2. Stadtfest Gaywiese: This is a festival that takes place in August and is specifically geared towards the lgbtq++ community. It features music, dance, food, and drinks, and is a great opportunity to meet new people and have fun.

  3. Queerfilmnacht: This is a film festival that takes place in Dresden and showcases lgbtq++ themed films from around the world. The festival usually takes place in October.

  4. Pink Christmas: This is a Christmas market that takes place in December and is organized by the lgbtq++ community. The market features food, drinks, and gifts, and is a great place to get into the holiday spirit.

7 tips and recommendations for a gay traveler visiting Dresden:

  1. Visit the Neustadt district: This neighborhood is known for its vibrant nightlife and is popular with the lgbtq+Q+ community. You can find a variety of bars, clubs, and restaurants catering to different tastes.

  2. Attend a gay event: Check out local lgbtq+Q+ events like the annual Christopher Street Day parade, which takes place in June. You can also find queer film festivals and other events throughout the year.

  3. Visit the Albertinum museum: This museum is home to an impressive collection of art, including works by lgbtq+Q+ artists like Robert Mapplethorpe and David Hockney.

  4. Stay at a gay-friendly hotel: Look for hotels that advertise themselves as lgbtq+Q+ friendly, such as the Motel One Dresden-Palaisplatz or the NH Dresden Neustadt.

  5. Explore the historic center: Dresden's Altstadt is home to stunning architecture and historic landmarks, including the Frauenkirche and the Zwinger Palace.

  6. Try local cuisine: Dresden is known for its traditional cuisine, which includes dishes like Sauerbraten and Quarkkeulchen. Try a local restaurant like Gasthausbrauerei Watzke, which serves both traditional and modern cuisine.

  7. Go shopping: Dresden has a variety of shops, from small boutiques to large department stores. Check out the trendy boutiques in the Neustadt district or the shops along the Prager Strasse.

Men only hotels or gay hotels in Dresden:

  1. Hotel Novalis Dresden (Gay Friendly): Enjoy a warm welcome at this gay-friendly hotel, known for its excellent service and comfortable rooms. Check Availability and Prices:
  2. Motel One Dresden-Palaisplatz (Gay Friendly): Enjoy a modern and affordable stay at this gay-friendly hotel, known for its sleek design and friendly staff. Check Availability and Prices:
  3. Leonardo Hotel Dresden Altstadt (Gay Friendly): Stay in modern rooms and enjoy the amenities of this gay-friendly hotel, situated in the city center. Check Availability and Prices:
  4. Star Inn Hotel Premium Dresden im Haus Altmarkt (Gay Friendly): This gay-friendly hotel offers comfortable accommodations in a prime location, perfect for exploring the city. Check Availability and Prices:
  5. Hotel Elbflorenz Dresden (Gay Friendly): Enjoy a comfortable and convenient stay at this gay-friendly hotel, located near major attractions. Check Availability and Prices:


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