Dresden Gay Pride, also known as Christopher Street Day (CSD) Dresden, is an annual celebration of the lgbtq+Q+ community in the city of Dresden, Germany. It aims to promote lgbtq+Q+ rights, visibility, and acceptance, and serves as a platform to fight against discrimmination and prejudice.

The event typically takes place in the summer months,  usually around June or July, but the exact date may vary from year to year. CSD Dresden began in the early 2000's and has grown in scale and significance since then.

The festivities of Dresden Gay Pride are spread over several days, with various events taking place throughout the city. These include panel discussions, workshops, film screenings, cultural performances, and parties. The highlight of CSD Dresden is the colorful and vibrant Pride Parade, which sees thousands of participants and spectators gathering to celebrate diversity and love.

The parade usually starts at Altmarkt, a central square in Dresden, and makes its way through the city's streets, culminating in a large open-air festival at the end point. The route may vary from year to year, so it's best to check the official website or local listings for accurate information.

The open-air festival features live music, food stalls, and informational booths from various lgbtq+Q+ organizations. It's a great opportunity for people to connect, learn, and have fun. In addition to the main events, numerous clubs and bars in Dresden host Pride-themed parties and gatherings during CSD.

Dresden Gay Pride is organized by a committee of volunteers and supported by various sponsors and partners, including local businesses and organizations.  The event is inclusive and welcomes people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and backgrounds.

To stay updated on the latest information about Dresden Gay Pride, including dates, events, and parade routes, you can visit the official website

Official Website

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