We all know that London has a great deal to offer the sightseeing fanatic in all of us, but what is a gay to do after dark? It turns out that the answer is just about anything the heart desires. London is home to one of the most diverse gay scenes from an activity and sexual standpoint anywhere on the globe. From bars to saunas, and club to monthly fetish events, one can find it all in London. London is a city that is accessible by the Tube from nearly every point imaginable. This makes it easy for individuals to get from venue to venue on any given night of the week. There will be more activity than you can likely handle on your trip, so be prepared. Bars such as the Royal Vauxhall Tavern stand at the ready to handle you for your before party gatherings. Then, perhaps you want to head over to Heaven, a club that his been providing gays a place to strut and shake their stuff since 1979. Enjoy London – it’s waiting!

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