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Fetish Week London 2023: This event is huge and is sponsored and organized by Recon. This is an annual event that is known to be well attended by the London’s sizeable leather and fetish community. During the week one can expect numerous events all over the city. Each event caters to a specific fetish, so nearly every imaginable fetish appetite will be accommodated.
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Event open with Recon inviting members to have a drink on them and get ready for the mayhem of FWL2017. Gear up, socialise and get to know the fetish men of London. This is followed by “Unleashed”, where Pups, handlers and friends come together to celebrate the start of Fetish Week London.

Bondage Masterclass Instructive class, led by the London Wolfpack. Bring your own rope or bondage gear and then practice what you’ve learned. Gear encouraged. The Sports Cruise party allows you to work up a sweat with the men from your locker room wank fantasies. Open to all sports wear, but be strict with your gear.

There are several other events to suit all fetish lovers, from Skins to Rubber! The highlight of the Fetish Week is the Full Fetish event at the Coronet for what is sure to be the biggest fetish event this venue has ever seen. With four huge cruise areas – maze, piss, sling, bondage – puppy space, large dance floor and updated VIP area, you’ll be sure to get up to no good. Our incredible line-up of international DJs play the largest fetish dancefloor in London.
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