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Just an hour away from London, Brighton is definitely the hippest and quirkiest city in the country. Walking around the city you will find old fashion lanes with all the shops and buildings in all sorts of bright or pastel colors which is truly a noteworthy sight. The Brighton Pier holds the most beautiful view of the city and entertainment for all ages. The city is a perfect mix of history, culture, and fun! The gay community in Brighton is the most massive one in all of the UK making it the gay capital of the country. On Kemptown you can find many gay bars and clubs and an extremely gay friendly and welcoming residents.

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About Brighton

Some attractions that you must visit when in the city is the Royal Pavilion which is an 18th century pavillion made of domes and minarets which particular decor inside. For a continued cultural experience hit the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery which is a fantastic museum with a range of historical collections including ancient Egyptian exhibits along with post war British art. For a beautiful view of the coast enjoy the afternoon at the Brighton pier where you can play slots or take a ride on the racer tracks they have.Along the historical lanes and streets Brighton is filled with shops and boutiques for you will find nice souvenirs and unique jewelry which make for perfect gifts or memories of the city. On North Laines you will find a more hipster vice with juice bars and vintage clothing being sold.

About Gay Brighton

Brighton hosts the largest LGBT parade in the UK that brings over 160,000 people to the city. the city has the most same sex households in the city and around 13 percent of the population over 16 identifies as part of the gay community. In Brighton there is an easy outlet to learn endless information about the gay community and its history in the city. In the Brighton museum you will find an exhibit dedicated to all things gay and if you want to learn through a walking tour, make sure to take the “Only in Brighton: Piers and Queers” which takes you around the city and gives you the historical outlook about the history of the LGBT community in Brighton. In Kemptown which is essentially the gay village of the city you will find many gay friendly hotels, bars, and restaurants in St James street and old Steine. A highly recommended hotel to stay in the area is the Amsterdam, located right on the beach and includes a nice bar, restaurant, and sauna.

Brighton Nightlife

The pride parade  in Brighton is known to be the best parade in all of Europe and continues with a full day festival with entertainment and food in preston park. Beside the parade festivities Brighton always has a popping gay nightlife and festivals. At Revenge you can join the local gay community in the biggest gay club in the city along with envy, where you can attend a party with a different theme every night. The bulldog is the oldest gay bar in the city and it's open until the morning if you're looking for a endless wild night out.
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