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Palawan is another popular destination in the Philippines, and gays will most definitely find themselves welcomed with open arms. The entire province is comprised of 1,780 islands with more than 2,000 kilometers of coastline. Not to fear, however, as you will not need to go to all of the islands to have a good time (that would take a few years I suppose). The main island that you will need to be aware of is Puerto Princesa, and it is 425 kilometers wide and 40 kilometers wide, so there is more than enough space to spread your wings and avoid getting island fever. This place is also ultra clean, often being recognized as the cleanest city in the whole of the Philippines. This place has it all – from vibrant and exciting activities on land, and more than its share of the traditional gay festivities by night. Pack your snorkel and your clubbing gear, as you will most certainly need both!.

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