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Benidorm Gay Pride is an annual lgbtq+Q+ event that takes place in Benidorm, a popular tourist destination in Spain. The event typically spans over several days and includes a variety of activities, parties, and performances.

Some of the key highlights of Benidorm Gay Pride include:

  1. The Parade: The main event of Benidorm Gay Pride is the colorful and lively parade that winds its way through the streets of the city. The parade features floats, costumes, and music, and is a celebration of lgbtq+Q+ identity and pride.

  2. Beach Parties: Benidorm is known for its beautiful beaches, and during Gay Pride, the beach becomes a hub of activity. There are often parties, performances, and other events taking place on the beach, providing a fun and festive atmosphere.

  3. Concerts and Performances: Benidorm Gay Pride features a range of concerts and performances by local and international artists. These events are typically held in outdoor venues and offer a chance to dance, sing, and celebrate with other members of the lgbtq+Q+ community.

  4. Cultural Events: In addition to parties and performances, Benidorm Gay Pride also includes a range of cultural events. These may include film screenings, art exhibitions, and educational seminars focused on lgbtq+Q+ issues.

Overall, Benidorm Gay Pride is a fun and inclusive event that celebrates the diversity and vibrancy of the lgbtq+Q+ community. Whether you are a member of the community or an ally, it's a great opportunity to come together and show your support for equality and acceptance.s.
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