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Bears Christchurch is a social group for gay men of all ages. We are friendly and diverse. We run regular social events as well as one off events. We welcome everyone and it’s not just for bears. Friends, admirers and others who like their men beary, hairy, chubby, stocky, or just a bit rough around the edges.

All around the world the Bear Community is known as non discriminatory with regards to body size or shape. We work hard to not exclude anyone regardless of orientation.

In addition to our regular events we run an annual weekend of events in November each year we call BIG BEAR WEEKEND. There is usually a Mr Bear Canterbury competition and community service awards.

The main thing about being a bear is a sense of inclusiveness and community. You don’t have to fit into any of the stereotypes that come to mind. Bears tend to be pretty laid-back and open to any gay man who wants to join in, and that is one of the things a lot of guys like about the scene. You don’t have to try too hard to have the right body or the right clothes, it’s a comfortable place for guys who don’t feel like they fit in to the mainstream gay culture today.

Mr Bear Canterbury Competition will as always rely on people willing to enter. Nominate someone you might know who could be persuaded. It’ll be fun and it comes with a weekend in Auckland including airfares, accommodation and some spending money as the grand prize. Prepare for a funtastic night in a mixed relaxed crowd.

Big Bear Weekend 2022
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