Bisexuals are one of the most misunderstood groups in America.

One factor that plays into this are gay people who claim to be bisexual in hopes of mitigating the sting of coming out. By asserting not to be exclusively gay, it leaves the door open to heterosexuality and can help friends and family members ease into the idea that a loved one isn’t straight. However, when these gay people eventually do come out as 100-percent gay, it makes it appear as if bisexuality doesn’t really exist or it is simply a transitory phase.

Reinforcing this false perception are bisexuals who don’t come out of the closet. Some choose not to because they are in heterosexual relationships and others remain silent because they are afraid of facing discrimination. Many bisexuals who are in same-sex relationships don’t want to deal with the stigma that often comes with telling friends of their sexuality. After all, who wants to open up emotionally just to be dismissed and told that they are “kidding themselves?”

In past scientific studies on sexual orientation, bisexual arousal patterns were not detected. This further confused people and convinced many individuals that bisexuality did not exist. However, subsequent research has shown that this failure was due to methodological flaws in the way the subjects were selected.

Fortunately, with the help of organizations like BiNet USA, more bisexuals are coming out every day. And the latest scientific research is explicitly clear that bisexuality is a very real sexual orientation that can be tested and measured.
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