Brisbane Pride is an annual lgbtq+Q+ celebration that takes place in Brisbane, Australia. The event is organized by the Brisbane Pride Festival Committee and includes a range of activities and events to celebrate and support the local lgbtq+Q+ community. Here are some details about Brisbane Pride:

  • Dates: The Brisbane Pride Festival usually takes place over several weeks in September and October, with the main parade and festival day held on the last weekend of September or the first weekend of October.

  • Activities: The festival includes a variety of events, including a Pride March and Rally, drag queen shows, film screenings, art exhibitions, community forums, live music performances, and more. The festival aims to provide a safe and inclusive space for all members of the lgbtq+Q+ community to celebrate and be themselves.

  • Locations: The festival takes place in various locations around Brisbane, including the New Farm Park, Brisbane Powerhouse, and Fortitude Valley.

  • History: The first Brisbane Pride Festival was held in 1990 and has since become one of the largest lgbtq+Q+ events in Queensland. The festival aims to promote awareness and acceptance of the lgbtq+Q+ community and works to combat discrimination and inequality.

  • Accessibility: Brisbane Pride is committed to accessibility and offers a range of accommodations for people with disabilities, including Auslan interpreters, accessible parking, and wheelchair-accessible venues.

  • Getting involved: Anyone can get involved in Brisbane Pride, whether as a volunteer, sponsor, or attendee. Visit the Brisbane Pride website for more information on how to get involved.

Overall, Brisbane Pride is a vibrant and inclusive celebration of diversity and acceptance, and a great way to support and celebrate the local lgbtq+Q+ community.

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