Cairns Pride is an annual event that celebrates the lgbtq+QIA+ community in the city of Cairns, located in tropical North Queensland, Australia. The festival usually takes place in late August or early September and lasts for a week, with a variety of events and activities scheduled throughout the week.

The festival is a celebration of diversity and inclusivity, and is designed to bring together members of the lgbtq+QIA+ community, as well as allies and supporters, to celebrate their shared values and experiences. The festival includes a wide range of events, such as parades, parties, performances, art exhibitions, film screenings, and more.

One of the highlights of the festival is the street parade, which usually takes place on the Saturday of the festival week. The parade features colorful floats, lively music, and enthusiastic crowds, and is a vibrant and joyous celebration of the lgbtq+QIA+ community. Other popular events at the festival include drag shows, cabaret performances, and beach parties.

Cairns Tropical Pride is a significant event in the local community, and attracts visitors from around the world. The festival provides an opportunity for people to come together, celebrate their identities, and connect with others who share their experiences. It is also an important platform for promoting lgbtq+QIA+ rights and raising awareness about issues affecting the community.

To enhance enjoyment, connection and discovery of our beautiful people and our idyllic home. To create a society where people of all genders and sexualities can live with pride and dignity, explore their full human potential, and show their love in an atmosphere of safety and respect.

3 days and nights of Art, Theatre, Film, Music, Dance, Fashion, Drag, High Camp, Party, Community, Glamour, Culture, Beach, Dogs, Flags...

Cairns Tropical Pride 2024
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Here are 10 recommendations and tips for a gay traveler attending Cairns Tropical Pride, based on popular local and tourist activities:

  1. Visit the Great Barrier Reef: No trip to Cairns is complete without a visit to the Great Barrier Reef. Take a snorkeling or diving tour and experience the incredible marine life up close.

  2. Attend the Pride Parade: Cairns Tropical Pride hosts a vibrant and colorful parade through the city, featuring drag queens, performers, and community groups. Make sure to wear your brightest colors and show your support.

  3. Explore the Daintree Rainforest: Take a day trip to the Daintree Rainforest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that's home to incredible flora and fauna. You can go hiking, take a guided tour, or even go zip-lining through the canopy.

  4. Relax on Palm Cove Beach: Palm Cove is a stunning beach just north of Cairns, with crystal-clear waters and a laid-back atmosphere. Spend an afternoon lounging on the sand and soaking up the sun.

  5. Check out the local markets: Cairns has a number of markets selling everything from fresh produce to handmade crafts. The Esplanade Market is held every Saturday and features over 150 stalls.

  6. Take a sunset cruise: Cairns is known for its stunning sunsets, and there's no better way to experience them than on a sunset cruise. Enjoy a glass of wine and take in the views as the sun sets over the ocean.

  7. Visit the Cairns Botanic Gardens: The Cairns Botanic Gardens are a beautiful oasis in the heart of the city, with a wide variety of plants and gardens to explore. Entry is free, and their are guided tours available.

  8. Go on a helicopter tour: For a truly unique view of Cairns and the surrounding area, take a hellicopter tour. You'll fly over the Great Barrier Reef, rainforest, and waterfalls for an unforgettable experience.

  9. Enjoy the nightlife: Cairns has a lively gay nightlife scene, with a number of bars and clubs catering to the lgbtq+Q+ community. Head to Elixir or The Attic for a fun night out.

  10. Try the local cuisine: Cairns is known for its fresh seafood and tropical flavors. Make sure to try some local specialties like baramundi, mud crab, and tropical fruit like mango and papaya.

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