CLAW Leather Getaway Los Angeles is an annual event that celebrates the leather and fetish community in Los Angeles, California. CLAW, or Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend, is a non-profit organization that hosts events to support and celebrate the leather community. Founded in 2001, CLAW has been organizing various events and fundraisers throughout the United States. Although the organization is based in Cleveland, Ohio, it has expanded its reach to other cities, including Los Angeles.

The Leather Getaway Los Angeles event is typically a weekend-long celebration that brings together members of the leather, BDSM, and fetish communities. Participants can enjoy a variety of activities, including workshops, seminars, social events, and play parties. These events are designed to foster a sense of community, promote education, and provide a safe space for individuals to express themselves and explore their interests.

Here are some details about the event:

  1. Venue: The specific location for the Leather Getaway Los Angeles may vary each year. Typically, it is held at a hotel or conference center in the city that can accommodate the large number of attendees and provide ample space for various activities.

  2. Workshops and Seminars: Throughout the weekend, attendees can participate in a range of workshops and seminars that cover different aspects of the leather and BDSM lifestyle. Topics might include BDSM techniques, communication and consent, fetish fashion, and the history of the leather community.

  3. Social Events: The Leather Getaway Los Angeles also features numerous social events, such as cocktail parties, meet and greets, and themed dinners. These gatherings provide attendees with the opportunity to network, make friends, and share experiences within the leather community.

  4. Play Parties: The event often includes play parties in a designated area where participants can engage in consensual BDSM activities. These spaces are designed to be safe, inclusive, and respectful, with a strong emphasis on consent and communication.

  5. Vendors and Exhibitors: The Leather Getaway Los Angeles usually features a vendor area where attendees can purchase a variety of leather and fetish-related products, such as clothing, accessories, toys, and art. Some vendors may also offer custom-made items or services, such as boot-blacking or leather repair.

  6. Charitable Component: CLAW is dedicated to giving back to the community and often raises funds for various charities through its events. The Leather Getaway Los Angeles may include raffles, auctions, or other fundraising activities to support local and national organizations that benefit the leather community or related causes.

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