Ok, we get it. You’re traveling to see that sights and make yourself known at the parties and activities that make gay excursions so exciting and fabulous. You do not want to while away your days away in a hotel room watching television.
That is certainly understandable, but the reality is that you need to sleep sometime, and possibly with someone new. Not all accommodation types are created equal. There are varying ranges and styles. Some are definitely friendly to the gay traveler, while others make you feel like a second-class citizen. Screw the latter and do your research. There is a wide world of accommodations out there that will make your next trip sizzle with comfort and excitement. Knowing where you are going to sleep is as important as what you are going to do. This posting will look at some of the various options and details some items that you should consider as you plan your next great gay trip.

Hotels Certainly Offer Great Amenities

There are truly some hidden gems located throughout the world. Many independent and boutique style hotels are a dream for gay travelers. Not only are more intimate surroundings in a peaceful environment on tap, but also the gay friendly nature of many of these properties make them highlight sought after. If a larger venue with more action is more your style, then consider a chain property that offers full amenities. This is particularly nice when traveling to regions of the world that are still developing and off the beaten path. Many smaller hotels can be rather rustic and run down, spoiling those intimate moments at the end of a long day. A chain hotel, however, typically offers standard features around the world and promotes a value of service that is hard to beat. It is also helpful to note that staff members at larger hotels usually have a great sensitivity to the needs of the gay traveler and you will likely sense a feeling that you are more accepted than at other similarly placed types of accommodations.

Apartments That Give You the Comforts of Home

Apartments are not just for people who want to live in a particular location for a period of time. They are now available in many of the world’s most sought after destinations, with possible stays ranging from a night or two to several weeks or even months. Apartments have a special lure because they truly recreate that home like atmosphere many crave, but at a fraction of the price. One does not typically have to worry about costly security deposits, or about buy kitchen and bedroom necessities. Apartments for the gay travelers will often come completely outfitted kitchen, bedroom and bathroom essentials, and usually the creature comforts that one would often associate with hotels or guesthouses. The lure of apartments lies in the independence that they offer. You are free to come and go as you please, which means that you do not need to worry about who you bring back with you at night. It is literally your place for the duration of the stay. The utilities are included in the rate, which is another added bonus, particularly on those hot and steamy summer days that you are sure to encounter on your travels. Many of the best apartment offerings are strategically located near major gay nightlife and attractions in many cities, so do careful research to determine where exactly you would like to stay. The downside to apartment living, even while on holiday, is that amenities are on short supply. Do not expect a fully cooked breakfast every morning, and daily cleaning service is almost non-existent, or if it is is offered there will be an added fee. If these items traditionally associated with holiday accommodations are not important to you, then choosing an apartment is certainly a great option for creating that independent and carefree gay vacation that you have been longing for. Do note that apartment listings are much different than newer Air BNB type of accommodations (to be discussed here in a moment) as a property management company typically handles them. The apartments will have standard features and will take on the look of a hotel room, meaning that you will not be looking at pictures of Uncle John and Aunt Sally as you get intimate with your gay partner every night. That is truly an added bonus!

Guesthouses and Bed and Breakfasts

Let’s face it – traditional types of accommodations can be a bit boring and, quite frankly, mundane. Once you have seen a few hotel rooms, you have seen them all. If you like a sense of normalcy, choose an apartment or hotel room. There is certainly nothing wrong with that. If you and your partner desire something a bit more unique and creative, however, consider one of the many guesthouses and bed and breakfast type of establishments now dotting the global travel landscape. There are many benefits to such properties. Because these venues tend to be smaller, and many of them independently owned, you will find an entire network that is geared exclusively for the gay traveler. Still others are known to be gay friendly, so you will have no qualms about staying in such a location. This is a great way to stay in a smaller property, meet other gay travelers with similar interests as your own, and get to know local owners in ways that are simply not possible with other types of lodging. A guesthouse is a great source of information for the local gay scene. In many such locations, the proprietor will take the time to get to know each guest and answer any travel related questions that they are knowledgeable in. The surroundings are cozy, each room is unique, and the typical communal feel to the breakfast room is appealing to many. If you enjoy being around other travelers and learning alongside them, then this is the type of accommodation for you. If you crave your independence, however, then you might want to look elsewhere. The guesthouse and bed and breakfast alternative provides yet another reason why travel opportunities continue to grow for the gay traveler, which makes it even more exciting. Search online for options that are available at your next travel location. Be sure to look through numerous reviews to get a feel for what other guests have said. Be objective and search for an option that is, at minimum, gay friendly in order to provide even more enjoyment throughout your trip.

Air BNB is an Emerging and Popular Option

If you have ever spend a considerable amount of time traveling and caught yourself thinking that you would be better off renting out your house while you are away, you are not alone. That was the likely mindset of literally thousands of travelers before you, which is why services such as Air BNB were created. This is a different option that is increasing in availability in many of the major cities of the world where you stay in the home or apartment of someone else for the duration of your stay. Typically, the owners would not be home, so you will have the place to yourself. There are certainly benefits to this, particularly if you choose an upper end property that comes fully loaded with more options than that luxury car that you have been lusting after. There is typically a deposit that must paid, and there is often a background check you need to go through, but the payoff could be well worth it. Keep in mind that you are not free to trash the place, and cleaning options are typically not available, which could be a draft for those longer stay in the gay party destinations of the world. One of the reasons that Air BNB is growing so rapidly is that quality accommodation can typically be yours for a fraction of what you would pay at a full serve hotel or guesthouse. At the same time, not all private houses or apartments are created equal, so will need to really do your homework before arriving at the location you want to call home during your holiday. It is important to find out if you are just renting a room in somebody’s home, or if you will be exclusive guests in the home (meaning no one else will be there). Also, keep in mind that many of these properties are a bit more personalized for the owner, so you just be looking at pictures of the in-laws while you get it on with your date for the evening, but such is the price one pays for gay travel in the modern era!

Couch Surfing

A final option worth mentioning is the emerging popularity of couch surfing. Designed for the solo traveler who is independent and extroverted, this involves staying with a host on their, you guessed it, couch. Naturally, you should also have access to the facilities and shower, but not much more. This is a budget-minded option aimed at meeting other individuals with like interests, sharing your holiday with the host, and possibly much more. For the gay traveler out there, if this interests you, then you will want to make certain that you network on sites tailored exclusively for gay individuals. One such site that has been created and already has a sizeable presence is cocksurfing.com. Joining the site is free and then you are able to search for the city of your choice and look for individuals that are willing to open up their couch, and possibly much more if you hit it off, to you.
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