Tigers, Zebras, Giraffes – Oh my! These wild animals have nothing on the dangers of active volcanoes, malaria infested mosquitoes, cannibalistic tribesmen, and worn-torn countries. If you like to go away to relax, there are definitely some places in the world that are not for you. However, if you look at life as an extreme sport and danger is your middle name – then this list of the world’s most dangerous tourist destinations will come in handy when booking your next trip. But be forewarned, that return ticket may not be necessary.

Kokoda Track

Found in the heart of Papua New Guinea, Kokoda Track’s crime and poverty rate is appallingly high. Not much of a tourist industry, this place is only for the most daring of travelers. Sure, the sixty mile scenic trail that cuts through lush jungle landscapes would appeal to most, but the malaria infested mosquitoes that’ll accompany you on the trek – not so much.

Death Road, Bolivia

Like to drive? Not on Bolivia’s Death Road you don’t. One wrong move and you and your vehicle are going for a 2,000-foot drop. It’s a cliff that claims about 250 lives per year.

Cliffs Of Moher, Ireland

When most think of Ireland, they think of lush beautiful landscapes and picturesque coastlines. But get too close to The Cliffs of Moher – a popular tourist spot – and should the winds catch you the wrong way, you could be plummeting 700 feet head-first into that coastline. Many tourists have died this way, so don’t get too close to the edge.

Chernobyl, Ukraine

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that Chernobyl is home to history’s worst nuclear accident. But what you might not know is that it’s now open to curious tourists everywhere, who want to see the devastation on a fairly expensive tour. The danger here is neither the price, nor the leftover radiation – but rather – the many precariously abandoned buildings just lurking with danger.

Acapulco, Mexico

Sure, it looks beautiful. And it’s by far one of the most popular party vacation getaways in the world. But Acapulco is known more in recent years for it’s sky-high crime rate, which is 30 times higher than the U.S. average.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

If the movie Jaws made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, then Florida’s New Smyrna Beach is for you. But, if the movie Jaws fills you with dread and nightmares of being eaten alive, then not so much. FYI, New Smyrna Beach holds the record for the highest number of shark attacks, with 238 incidents on record. Go here and you’re definitely going to need a bigger boat.

Danakil Depression, Ethiopia

Don’t let the cool landscape pictured here fool you, Ethiopia’s Danakil Desert is as close to hell on earth as they come. There are highly active volcanoes everywhere, temperatures are hotter than an oven, and its border is full of hostile disputes with neighboring Eritrea. Essentially – don’t travel here.

Mount Everest, Nepal

So, you do a little rock climbing at your local gym and think you’re ready to scale the world’s largest mountain? Don’t kid yourself, Mount Everest isn’t even safe for the most experienced of climbers. To date, over 250 people have died trying to conquer this mountain. Sadly, many a Sherpas have died with these stupidly brave tourists that pay for the opportunity to climb to their death.

Hua Shan, China

Just looking at that image should be explanation enough. Often referred to as the “Heavenly Stairs”, that plank walk around the mountain of Hua Shan is unfit for human feet. There’s no guardrails, no stability in the planks – just a 7,000-foot drop, of which far too many unfortunate tourists have traveled.

Mont Blanc, France

Now this one’s surprising, as there’s a beautiful watch and pen set named after it. Especially when you consider this location has perhaps the most beautiful mountain landscape on earth. But, when you also consider all the hikers killed atop that mountain landscape by constant avalanches caused by extremely high wind speeds, then you’ll come to understand why Mont Blanc makes the number one spot on this list.


There are places in the world that are truly breathtaking. From picturesque beaches, lush green rainforests, and ancient ruins, there are some things every travel absolutely must see. And while air travel becomes more affordable, making it easier to see all the world has to offer – there are some places that one must proceed with caution before visiting. The following places, while they are some of the most beautiful on earth, carry a lot of risks one must consider before booking their ticket.


Given the recent bombing of a Russian commercial flight by Jihadists, the political tension in Egypt couldn’t be higher. This event has all but decimated Egypt’s tourism industry, making it not the greatest of times to travel there. The upside: you won’t have to suffer long lines and crowds of tourists around the famous Sphinx and Pyramids.


So few places are so un-touched by civilization than Alaska. Its beauty is naturally preserved. But with that comes the following: bears, wolves, and other massive arctic animals that won’t even think twice about turning a hiker into a quick meal.


While most worry about food poisoning in India due to unsanitary conditions, there are in fact greater concerns. The 2008 Mumbai bombings that killed over 165 people have really heightened political tensions. Add to that how common rape is there, India’s no place for the solo female traveler.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a goal on many a traveler’s bucket list. But so is leaving there and never going back. The crime rate is just too high, and the wildlife – with all the snakes and crocodiles – far too dangerous.


Myanmar has been plagued with tension between Buddhists and Muslims for far too many years now. The worst of which started with the rape of a Buddhist woman by a Muslim man back in 2012. Needless to say, a peaceful trip is not in the cards in Myanmar.


Mali, despite is vast amount of history and all the beauty that it has to offer, is still quite unsafe to travel to. The city still hasn’t gotten over the attack on a tourist hotel back in November of 2015. And given the current political unrest, further attacks are predicted to come.


Many go to Honduras to see the rich wildlife and ancient Mayan ruins. But unfortunately, many tourists will also see plenty of drug activity and gang-related violence. In fact, Tegucigalpa (the capital) has one of the highest murder rates in the world.


When it comes to going on a safari, no other place offers one better than Kenya. However, many of the animals there pose a real danger to tourists, with quite a few being attacked over the years. Then there’s the constant conflicts at the border regions that give Kenya a rather strong travel advisory warning.


A favorite for spring-breakers, Mexico’s reputation has taken quite the hit in recent years. There’s been a decade long drug war going on, which has caused the deaths of over 100,000 people. While most of this dangerous activity happens outside of the tourist resorts, travelers are still heavily cautioned.


The rich culture and beautiful scenery in Rio De Janeiro makes it one of the most exciting destinations in the world. Unfortunately, the increasing drug activity, gang violence, and poverty makes you (the tourist) a walking cash machine to many of the locals. Travel with extreme caution here.
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