The Adelaide Pride March is an annual event that takes place in Adelaide, South Australia, typically during the month of November. The event is organized by Pride Adelaide, a non-profit organization whose mission is to celebrate and support the LGBTQIA+ community in South Australia. The event has been held since the late 1990s, and it has grown in size and prominence over the years. 

The Pride March is the centerpiece of the broader Feast Festival, a queer arts and cultural festival that runs for several weeks, showcasing a diverse range of performances, exhibitions, workshops, and other community events. The Feast Festival is one of the largest LGBTIQ+ festivals in Australia and has a significant impact on Adelaide's cultural scene.

The Adelaide Pride March typically starts at the southern end of Victoria Square (Tarndanyangga) and proceeds north along King William Street, eventually concluding at the Pioneer Women's Memorial Garden. Thousands of participants from various community groups, businesses, and organizations come together to march in solidarity and celebration of LGBTQIA+ rights, visibility, and pride.

The parade is a colorful and vibrant affair, with participants donning costumes, carrying banners, and waving flags representing different aspects of the LGBTQIA+ community. The march is accompanied by music, dancing, and cheering crowds that line the streets to show their support.

After the parade, there is usually an official after-party or other celebratory events held at various venues across Adelaide. These events offer opportunities for the community and its allies to come together, socialize, and continue celebrating in a safe and inclusive environment.

To stay updated on the latest information about the Adelaide Pride March, you can visit Pride Adelaide's official website

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