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Say goodbye to summer in style and don't miss the last special party CHURROS CON CHOCOLATE in the open air of this season. In addition, it is the eve of a holiday, so we will be dancing from 7:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. If you don't know LA TERRRAZZA, this is a unique opportunity to have a churro at sunset in Barcelona and in Montjuïc/Poble Espanyol.
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Churros con Chocolate is an event that celebrates diversity and inclusivity within the lgbtq+Q+ community. It often takes place in various cities around the world and is typically held in venues such as clubs or bars, where people can come together to enjoy churros dipped in hot chocolate while socializing and enjoying the company of others in a safe, welcoming environment. The name of the event reflects the combination of two elements: lgbtq+Q+ pride and the delicious Spanish treat, churros with chocolate.

With more then 70,000 gay men from all around the world (and we DO mean it when we say ALL around the world), the circuit festival in Mediterranean Barcelona has become the largest gay festival in the world.

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