As you likely know, gays love to party! This has turned into the creation of circuit parties that dot the globe at certain times of the year. G Circuit, for example, hosts several multi-day gatherings and parties in various cities throughout Asia and Europe. These events attract thousands of gays from across the region with a complete host of activities to keep revelers occupied day and night. With world class DJ’s, concerts, themed parties and the like, there is sure to be a party for every taste.

Many circuit parties will have special events for Bears and Bear lovers, and other types of gay travelers as well. Look for circuit parties to be located in major gay cities of the world where special events and the cultural climate of the region are amenable to gay travel. These include, but are certainly not limited to, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Bangkok, and Taipei. Consider the 7 options below as a great way to jump start your gay circuit party planning for 2016.

  • Winter Party Miami – March 2-7 – It should come as no surprise that Miami, home to the world famous South Beach, also plays host to one of the most sought after circuit parties in the gay world. This particular circuit festival is heavily promoted as a mix and celebration of numerous types of social and cultural events. Gay revelers in Miami during this week will take part in art events, dance parties galore, music headlined by world renowned DJs, food, beer and wine. The party itself revolves around the Beach – naturally – and is a dance festival that is annually attended by more than 4,500 gays alone. For the entire 5 day circuit party, it is estimated that more than 10,000 individuals attend, many coming from as far away as Australia. Different party events occur nightly at some of the hottest nightclubs and hot spots around Miami, including some of the most sought after hotels and restaurants in the South Beach area.
  • Songkran Thai New Year – Bangkok, Thailand – April 13-15 – If you have never been to Thailand for their Thai New Year’s Celebration, this is one even that you will certainly not want to miss. This will be the 10th anniversary of G Circuit in Thailand, and it has grown in popularity each and every year. In fact, the event has gained such notoriety amongst gay travelers everywhere that the company now has their own office in Bangkok so that even organizers can spend the entire year planning for what many rate as the top gay event in Asia year in and year out. In addition to the all out water wars that take place throughout the 4 day event (this is Thai New Year after all), look for world class DJ’s, themed parties, and concerts at various locations throughout the holiday. Some events take place at luxury hotels around the city, while the event concluding bash will take place at Central World once again this year. The event is closed to only ticket holders, leaving gays and lesbians the world over to party to their hearts content.
  • La Demence – Brussels, Belgium – May 15 – Frequent visitors and residents alike in Europe should now about the near monthly circuit party at La Demence in Brussels. It is world famous amongst the gay scene for a reason. We are highlighting the party on May 15th here, but check online for other events to be held there throughout 2016. This circuit event is amongst the biggest in Europe, and takes place over a massive building complete with to big dance floors. There is one smaller dance area on the top floor, conveniently located next a cruising darkroom area that is, understandably, one of the more popular components of this particular circuit party. Following that, there is a large dance floor located in the main area that is hopping until the hours of the morning. As mentioned, this party takes place several times throughout the year, and gays from across the region, including Amsterdam, Cologne, and Paris are frequent attendees, taking a simple transfer bus to get to the venue. The party has a resident DJ, DJ Steven, and his podcast can be heard online at .
  • Circuit Festival – Barcelona, Spain – August 2-14 – The Barcelona Circuit Festival is definitely the place to be in August. This is literally 12 non-stop days of parties that you will leave you breathless and needing some time off! As one of the better organized events around the globe, there is something for everyone at this festival in Barcelona. Event organizers work throughout the year to plan parties and activities that literally meet the desires of almost every type of gay traveler out there. That means that no matter what you are into, you will likely find it during this massive party. You will not want to miss the Water Park Party, or the newly added Night Water Park Party. You will also want to take a good look at the daily schedule of events, and examine what each party has as its theme to make sure you are adequately prepared. If you are the type of circuit traveler that likes to experience everything, splurge and get the all festival and party pass. This will enable you to travel freely from event to event, virtually ensuring that you miss nothing. This festival is packed, and reservations and neighboring hotels can be hard to get, so plan early. Look for the two festival hotels as viable places to stay to be in the center of the action, but other area options are great as well. Don’t forget to look at Air BNB as an options as well if you would like to have more comfortable and homely surroundings.
  • XLsior – Mykonos, Greece – August 17-21 – While it follows closely on the heels of the massive circuit party in Barcelona, you will want to seriously consider XLsior in Mykonos as well. Greece is August is absolutely amazing, and the hot guys you will find descending upon Mykonos for this five day event will leave your breathless and desiring for more. Sponsored by LifeZone Events, this is a relatively new addition to the circuit festival circuit, and it has quickly grown into an international dance festival that is one of the best attended during the summer. Mykonos is a beautiful island that knows how to throw a party. The local population is incredibly inclusive and welcoming on the gay partygoer, so you will be free to let your inhibitions run wild. There are multiple options for getting to the island, so make your plans to attend now and dance every night away with world class DJ’s in one of the most idyllic and serene summer settings anywhere!
  • Southern Decadence – New Orleans, USA – August 31- September 5 – New Orleans in home to Mardis Gras, North America’s wild alternative to Carnival. Almost anything goes for that event, so it should not be surprising that gay organizers now throw their very own annual Southern Decadence circuit party. If you are anywhere near the USA in late August, you really must get your gay ass to New Orleans, where the party is literally non-stop for 6 straight days. Occurring over America’s Labor Day Holiday, event goers will find gay parties taking place throughout the famous French Quarter, and stretching throughout Bourbon Street. There will be shows, a Southern Decadence Parade on the Sunday of the event, and you will not want to miss the closing party at the Bourbon Pub. Pack your hottest and most revealing clothes, costumes if you like, and make your way over to Southern Louisiana!
  • Rapido – Amsterdam, Holland – November 20 – Not be outdone by its rival in Brussels, Rapido in Amsterdam throws an even bigger and raunchier party multiple times a year, if that is even possible! As the Circuit scene in 2016 begins to wind down, considering heading over to the edition on November 20th and prepare to be amazed. It is, by far, the biggest gay circuit party held in Amsterdam and is so well known that it is attended by the hottest guys the world over. Almost anything goes here – it is Amsterdam after all – so stay a few days to recover and see this sights. The party itself is held at a concert hall named Paradiso, which ironically is housed in an old church in the center of the city. The party starts early in the afternoon, so be prepared, as the line to get in will start forming early. The location hast a large main hall that consists of 2 rows of balcony’s. Be aware that it can quite hot and steamy inside, so the shirts will come off quickly, which is definitely not a bad thing!
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