So August is just around the corner, and after having a great start for the summer of 2016 with amazing great gay mega and pride events on the one hand, and tragic losses at the Orlando shooting on the other hand at GayOut we have one request from you. Take care of yourselves.

We go out to parties and events to have fun and enjoy ourselves, not to suffer tragic losses.


There are great mega events in August - now we can check them out.

  1. Europride Amsterdam (Jul 23rd-Aug 7th) - Join thousands of party goers from Europe and around the world to celebrate our pride and freedom. This introducing for the first time Invation Amsterdam's Newest Fetish Party . Tickets available directly on GayOut.
  2. Circuit Festival Barcelona (Aug 2nd - Aug 14th) - Yes, it is this time of year again. The amazing Circuit Barcelona is here. Are you a first time goer? Read our article of the best reccomendations for first time goers to Circuit Barcelona
  3. Toronto Leather Pride (Aug 4th - Aug 7th) - Come and celebrate your deepest desires at Toronto Leather pride. Who will be Mr. Leatherman Toronto, Ms Leather Toronto or Toronto Puppy? Just wait and see. 
  4. Prague Gay Pride (Aug 8th - AUg 14th), Antwerp Pride (Aug 10th - Aug 15th), Manchester Pride (Aug 26th - Aug 29th) - Check out our reccomended pride events for August. there are so many, so we are presenting just a handful. 
  5. MadBear Beach Madrid (Aug 10th - Aug 15th) - Big, hairy and wet. It can't get better than that at MadBear Beach Madrid!


We know there are stil so many gay mega events aroud the world. Did we forget your favourite one? Update us in the comment section...

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