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Curacao Pride 2021
Curaçao Pride is a five-day long event organized since 2013 on one of the most gay-friendly islands in the Caribbean. Curaçao is a beautiful Dutch Caribbean Island located just under the hurricane belt. In 2013, a group of gay professionals and allies came together to form The Curaçao Pride Organization, dedicated to showing that being gay is normal. Since this first event, every year has brought more progress in terms of acceptance. Over the years, Curaçao has become the most popular Caribbean island for gay and lesbian travelers.
Today, the LGBTQ community feels at home on the island with gay venues, events and festivals. The Curaçao Pride is filled with plenty of parties and activities with local and international artists catering to the LGBTQ community and their friends.
Highlights of the Curaçao Pride include the Pride Walk (the pride parade), the Pride Happy Hours, the White Party and the Boat Party.

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