Unlike some more Western countries, saunas and bathhouses in Tel Aviv are still in vogue, though apps like Grindr are taking their toll. Mot cruising action takes place discretely in public places – such as independence park at night in front of the gay beach Hilton Tel Aviv – on the dance floors. However if you want more of a sure bet, with a pretty diverse range of customers, then here are the best gay saunas in Tel Aviv, with a reputation for being friendly to foreign travellers.
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Sauna Tel Aviv

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47586,14 Carlebach Street,Tel Aviv-Yafo

Tel Aviv sauna for gay & bisexual men With more than 400 square meters You will find one of the best and most modern gay sauna in the middle east and in Israel of course.
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Sauna Paradise

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75 Allenby Street,Tel Aviv-Yafo

Sauna Paradise in Tel-Aviv. pleasant and cozy social sauna. great place to meet nice people. the preferred hours to visit is between 17:00 to midnight but the place is open also between 12 midday to 05:00 o'clock...
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