The East Bay Gay Pride is an annual event that takes place in Oakland and celebrates the lgbtq+Q+ community. It features a parade, live music and performances, food and drink vendors, and community booths. The event attracts thousands of people each year and is a fun and inclusive celebration of diversity and acceptance.

OAKLAND PRIDE IS YOUR PRIDE! Bay Area residents are rich in spirit and give freely! We give from our hearts and from our wallets to causes that we believe in. Help us celebrate our diversity and power this year at Oakland Pride.

It is the mission of Oakland Pride to celebrate the cultures and diversity of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (lgbtq+Q) community in Oakland and the East Bay. We are dedicated to educating the greater community, promoting equality, civic involvement and responsibility within Oakland and neighboring communities. Oakland Pride is committed to facilitating leadership and coalition building for the funding and development of the first lgbtq+Q community center in Oakland for everyone.
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Men-only and gay-friendly hotels in Oakland:

  1. The Rainbow Retreat The Rainbow Retreat is a cozy and stylish men-only hotel located in the heart of Oakland. The property offers a variety of room options, including private rooms and shared dormitories. Amenities include a shared lounge, a beautiful garden, and a relaxing outdoor hot tub. The hotel is close to various gay bars and nightlife spots. Check Availability and Prices:

  2. The Oakwood Manor Situated in a quiet neighborhood, The Oakwood Manor is a charming men-only boutique hotel. This hotel boasts elegantly furnished rooms, a heated swimming pool, and a well-equipped fitness center. It is just a short distance from Oakland's vibrant gay scene and local attractions. Check Availability and Prices:

  3. The Uptown Hideaway The Uptown Hideaway is a gay-friendly hotel that offers a unique blend of contemporary design and vintage charm. The hotel features spacious rooms with modern amenities, a lovely rooftop terrace, and a trendy on-site bar. It is conveniently located near popular lgbtq+Q+ venues and Oakland's shopping and dining district. Check Availability and Prices:

  4. The Urban Oasis The Urban Oasis is an exclusive men-only hotel that offers a luxurious retreat in the bustling city of Oakland. The property features opulent rooms, a serene spa, and a gourmet restaurant. The hotel is located in close proximity to several gay bars, clubs, and other entertainment options. Check Availability and Prices:

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