European Snow Pride is an annual lgbtq+Q+ ski and snowboarding festival held in the French Alps. It usually takes place in March and lasts for a week.
The festival is organized by European Gay Ski Week, which is a company that specializes in lgbtq+Q+ ski events. European Snow Pride attracts thousands of lgbtq+Q+ skiers and snowboarders from all over Europe and beyond, and offers a variety of activities both on and off the slopes.
During the day, participants can enjoy skiing and snowboarding on the slopes of the world-renowned ski resort of Tignes in the French Alps. The resort offers over 300km of slopes and is one of the most snow-sure resorts in Europe. In the evenings, European Snow Pride hosts a range of parties, concerts, and other events, which take place in different venues throughout the resort.
The festival also offers a range of non-skiing activities, such as snowshoeing, spa days, and wine tasting. In addition, there are various lgbtq+Q+ organizations and vendors that set up booths and events during the festival.


European Snow Pride Powered by SCRUFF is the biggest gay ski week in Europe. Our gay ski festival takes place from March 16 to 23, 2024 in the gay friendly ski resort of Tignes. On the program: great skiing in one of the most beautiful ski areas in the world (Tignes - Val d'Isère), events and parties every day in exceptional venues.

A unique opportunity to live a fantastic week full of events, meetings, and unforgettable moments of celebration with participants from all over Europe, North America, and beyond.

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Here are 12 recommendations and tips for a gay traveler attending European Snow Pride:

  1. Plan ahead: Book your accommodation and lift passes in advance to avoid last-minute stress and inflated prices.

  2. Get travel insurance: Travel insurance is essential, especially when engaging in winter sports. Make sure your policy covers any potential injuries or accidents that may occur during your trip.

  3. Pack warm clothing: European Snow Pride takes place in the Alps, so it's important to pack warm clothes, including thermal layers, a good quality ski jacket, gloves, hats, and snow boots.

  4. Attend the opening ceremony: The opening ceremony is a great way to kick off the festival, meet other attendees, and get a feel for the atmosphere.

  5. Participate in the ski and snowboard events: European Snow Pride offers a variety of skiing and snowboarding events for all skill levels. Joining in on these events is a great way to meet other attendees and have fun on the slopes.

  6. Attend the après-ski events: European Snow Pride has a wide range of après-ski events, including pool parties, dance parties, and bar crawls. Don't miss out on these fun social events.

  7. Try the local cuisine: France is known for its delicious food, so make sure you try some local cuisine during your trip. Fondue and raclette are popular dishes in the Alps.

  8. Drink responsibly: Alcohol is a big part of the après-ski culture, but it's important to drink responsibly and avoid excessive drinking that could lead to accidents or poor decision-making.

  9. Use protection: If you plan on engaging in sexual activity during the festival, make sure to use protection to avoid sexually transmitted infections.

  10. Respect the local customs and laws: Remember that you are a guest in another country, and it's important to respect the local customs and laws. For example, public nudity is not allowed in France.

  11. Take care of yourself: Don't forget to take breaks and rest if you're feeling tired or sore. Self-care is important, especially when engaging in physical activities like skiing and snowboarding.

  12. Have fun and be yourself: European Snow Pride is a celebration of lgbtq+Q+ culture and community, so don't be afraid to be yourself and have fun. Make new friends, try new things, and enjoy the festival to the fullest!

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