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After we had to cancel the Pinkster Tournament for two years, we are fully committed to the 28th edition of the Pinkster Tournament. The Pinkster Tournament 2022 has a special status, because the tournament has been selected as one of the GLTA Master’s Series Tournaments for 2021/2022.

We all want to play tennis and see and talk to each other again. It is high time that we meet again after the last edition of 2019.So put the following data in your agenda! Registration at GLTA opens March, 21, 2022.

In 1993 a few gay and lesbian tennisplayers took the initiative to organise a friendly gay and lesbian tournament. 16 men and 16 women from various tennisclubs participated. The event took place on Pinkster Saturday.
In 1994 they organized the tournament again, this time as a preparation for those who were going to participate the Gay Games in New York. Amsterdam sent a strong delegation to the New York Gay Games because we were bidding to host the Gay Games in 1998 Amsterdam. You probably know that we won the bid!
Since 1995 the gay tennisplayers used a couple of courts on Saturday afternoons, and gradually their initiative attracted more participants. The idea for a gay and lesbian tennisclub was born. In 1996 Tom Bijlmer and Ed van Betuwe founded the first gay and lesbian tennisclub: Smashing Pink. The club got their first clay courts at NTC tennispark.
In the years to come Smashing Pink grew rapidly to over 400 gay and lesbian members. Once Amsterdam was elected to organize the Gay Games in 1998 the yearly Pinksterstennis became a rehearsal for organizing gay and lesbian tennistournaments on a larger scale. For clubmembers as well as for many others the Pinkster Tournament is a yearly highlight.

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