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Program 2022
The first events in Joensuu are now open! We reserve the right to make changes and additions. Info in English coming soon!
Tuesday 17.5.
5 pm – 8 pm Rainbow art workshop with Pride theme (river bank, weather reservation)
The last rainbow art workshop of spring, low-threshold art activities
and togetherness. Once the theme is the landscape.
6 pm-8pm Parenting as a dream?
An evening for anyone dreaming of having a child for whom partnership parenting could be an option. What exactly is parental parenting and clover family, what should be taken into account when looking for a partner (s), to whom can the family form be agreed, what agreements can be made, where can partners be found, how can things be made to work? You can get information about these and other important things by attending an online lecture from 6 pm to 7:30 pm. After the lecture, there is an opportunity to participate in the Parenthood Speed ​​Date from 7.30pm to 9pm, which is open to anyone looking for a parenting partner to share their future parenting. In the quick introduction wizard, you can chat with anyone who is potentially looking for someone like you
The event is free and requires pre-registration here

Wednesday 18.5.
10: 15–11: 45 North Karelia Seta's own swimming shift in Rantakylä swimming pool (Pataluodonkatu 2, 80160 Joensuu).
For a long time, we have been hoping for a safer shift that follows the principles of a safer space, and now, to our delight, we can also offer it free of charge. If the experiment is successful, we will continue to organize swimming shifts in the future.
Since the cash register is not open during the shift, you should bring either your own peflet or a 20 cent coin to redeem a disposable peflet. It is the turn of PK-Seta's own swimming supervisors. More information about the swimming shift: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
5 pm – 8 pm Rainbow café open to everyone community space in Helmi (Rantakatu 23, Ground floor).
Welcome to have coffee, have fun and hang out in the appetite atmosphere! Optional payment, so book with cash or MobilePay payment option.
at 6 pm Rainbow Bingo (Restaurant Kolumbus, Niinivaarantie 50)
Bingo on behalf of the restaurant and rainbow prizes!
20–01: 30 Pride karaoke (Restaurant Kolumbus, Niinivaarantie 50)
Unleash your inner Madonna, George or Conchita and step on the stage of Columbus.
The evening will be hosted by the wonderful Iida Kärkkäinen of Seta in North Karelia. Karaoke is open as long as there are enough visitors.

Thursday 19.5.
An information session on older people belonging to gender and sexual minorities as clients of services for the elderly will be held on Thursday from 1 pm to 3.30 pm in North Karelia . Those working in services for the elderly, studying social and health care, working in organizations working in the elderly and anyone else interested in the topic are welcome to the information session.
The information session is free of charge and will be held on Thursday in Carelicum's auditorium (Koskikatu 5, Joensuu).
Welcome to hear how the diversity of gender and sexual orientation can be taken into account in services for the elderly!
The briefing is organized by Sateenkaariseniorit ry and Pohjois-Karjalan Seta ry.
15–19 from the Diversity in Us youth (Joensuu Setlementti, Niskakatu 4)
Open evening for young people, delicacies, togetherness and activities. You are warmly welcome if you belong to a sexual or gender minority, reflect on your identity, or are otherwise only interested in the group and want to reflect on things in a safe and accepting environment.
at 6 pm Rainbow Fair (Joensuu Evangelical Lutheran Church, Papinkatu 1B)

Friday 20.5.
at 4:30 pm Movie of the Pride Week in Tapio
TOGETHER (Deux), Nina and Madeleine have been in secret for decades. In the eyes of outsiders, including Madeleine’s adult children, they are just neighbors on the same floor. They are used to moving between apartments and sharing everyday moments with each other. Until the day comes when their relationship takes a surprising turn and Madeleine’s daughter little by little begins to understand the truth.
Filippo Meneghetti has directed a beautiful and captivating story starring Barbara Sukowa, known from Hannah Arendt and Fassbinder's Lola, and Martine Chevallier. TOGETHER was the official French Oscar nominee in 2021.
from 5 pm to 8 pm make-up evening in the community space in Aava (Rantakatu 23, upstairs). The evening will cover the basics of makeup and tips for emphasizing and modifying facial features with makeup.
The evening is aimed at everyone who is interested in make-up and starts with make-up. At the make-up evening, beauty entrepreneur Nea Nesterinen will perform a make-up demo. You can bring your own make-up and a mirror if you wish, but it is not necessary.
Changing room and change of clothes.
The evening will go together with the Pride party in Cherub. Free entry.
5 pm – 8 pm Global Friday, Joensuu Settlement (Niskakatu 4)
Global Friday goes Pride! Global Friday is a multicultural meeting place open for all. You are welcome to join alone, with family or friends.
from 9 pm Pride party in the restaurant Kerub (Siltakatu 1). Doors open at 8:30 p.m.

Saturday 21.5.
13–14: 30 Sign and clothing workshop community space in Helmi (Rantakatu 23 A, Joensuu).
We recommend bringing your own cardboard, you can find supplies for painting, drawing and writing in the workshop.
at 3 pm Pride procession , departure from Joensuu market square.
After the procession, a joint park party in Ilosaari. Put on a blanket, your own lunch and enough on top. Linnea von Kattendam , Proto Torvinen and DJs from Kerubi who play records will perform at the park party !

Sunday 22.5.
15–18 The family event Metsäpride in Kuhasalo, Joensuu, Kalmonkatiska, which has already become a tradition. Snack and program for families with children. Organizes rainbow families in Joensuu and Save the Children in Joensuu.
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