Traveling single can be exciting and adventurous. You don’t have your partner to worry about. You can go and do what you want to do; free from the worry that somebody else is not enjoying the trip. Gays have an entire world to explore, and Europe is at the center of our universe. I mean, where else can you visit museums and other cultural attractions by day and dance the night away with some of the hottest guys on the planet by night? The parties throughout the continent are electric, the cruising areas plentiful, and the weather ideal almost year round. All of this can be enjoyed to its fullest as a single – you just have to know how to go about it in order to get the biggest bang possible out of the trip.

Planning Your Destination

Europe as a whole is a surprisingly diverse continent. Most of the nations within it are also rather liberal, and for gays that means party time. In fact, as a single traveler, you might just find that the most difficult part of the trip is choosing the destination. Think Eastern or Western Europe, or perhaps a mix of both. You will find that train easily connects many major cities, and there are countless venues to explore at each stop along the way.

Prague is a popular destination for many in our genre. As a single traveler, you will find cool buildings and city squares to wander aimlessly around all day. Czech guys know how to throw a party, so consider any of the major discos around time to while away the night. As far as friendly and liberal cities in Eastern Europe go, it does not get much better than Prague. Gays will find most of their favorite venues conveniently located in a stretch of the city known as Vinohrady. It is close to the center of the city and is filled with a gay delight of over 30 bars, saunas, and discos that are sure to keep you more than occupied during your stay here. Traveling here solo is great because you will have not problems finding companionship should you want it, or can just as easily return to your room alone. The choice is up to you.

Moving away from Prague, there are countless places to see and experience. During the summer, one can spend his time visiting any or all of the Pride events taking place across Europe. This is a great way to be around like minded people who embrace their sexuality, while seeing some awesome cities along the way with too many parties to even mention in this short blog. Pack for some warm weather, arrange for some lodging that suits your budget, and you will be well on your way to a summer to remember for the ages.


From river cruises to full ocean bearing vessels, there are some great opportunities for a solo traveler to enjoy the open waters and some nice ports of call along the way. In fact, this has become so popular that several trips throughout Europe are offered each year where gays charter the entire boat. This means that you do not have to worry about some straight guy ruining your fun as you strive to strike up just that romantic moment with a newfound friend. For those that cannot fit their schedule around a chartered trip, there are also escorted trips offered throughout the year where a tour company will arrange special social occasions with other gays that are traveling on board. This is a great way to see Europe as it provides you the privacy that you want along with targeted opportunities to get out and meet others that share your same interests.

Choosing A Hotel

When traveling solo, where you stay is almost as important as the destination itself. We still live in a world filled with hate, unfortunately, so many will find solace in staying in a property that is either gay owned or gay friendly. Thankfully, these are in plentiful supply throughout Europe. While the bigger chain hotels are always great options, do not discount some of the hidden gems along the way. Many gay guesthouse and smaller hotels offer you the security you crave while allowing you to show more of your wild side without worrying about scaring off all of the ‘straight’ guests lurking about.

The choice, of course is up to you, but when traveling solo it is always helpful to consider where you will be spending the majority of your time. In the capital cities, you will be glad that you chose a gay owned hotel in the heart of the gay district. Not only will this give you easy access to all of the nighttime festivities that you with to take part in, but it will also provide you with a wealth of information that can be gained from the staff. At the end of the day, staying in a place that you feel comfortable in is all that matters. You will, after all, be spending some alone time throughout the trip. At the same time, make sure that you choose a room that accommodates that unexpected guest that you may choose to bring home with you at night!

Embrace the Journey

In short, traveling alone has its advantages. You get to do what you want, when you want, and go where you want with whom you want. Did you catch all of that? Gay travel is exciting and adventurous, and is often times enjoyed better alone anyway. It does not matter if you are a late night person, or like to retire to your room early in the evening. Whatever your personality, you already know that you live with yourself, so have it.

There are countless gay mega events taking place around the world this year. Perhaps you would like to go, but cannot find a traveling companion. Consider going on your own. You will discover a new place, meet new friends, and enjoy all that gay travel has to offer you. Embrace the journey, enjoy the experience, and refresh your mind and body.

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