Where to Go and What to Do On Your Winter Gay Trip

Gay travel currently is taking up the industry by a storm by gaining popularity by day. Europe is a popular destination for the gays with an estimated value of 50 billion pounds in revenues being collected annually. Whereas previous gay travels were limited to just a few days or a week in Sitges, the options have now widened and varied to include circuit parties or even cruises that can take a gay party to the Atlantis or beyond. This growing gay travel industry has seen revolutions from the way holidays for the gay were planned previously, which has pushed tour operators and planners to revise their itinerary to be more diversified and of an inclusive size.

Most places are really extremely cold in winter with the solution being to while away the time in a warm dwelling far away from the ice cold. The Mediterranean for example cannot guarantee any heat during the winter season and the warmest it can sometimes get is 20celsius therefore heading out south is recommended either to the Canary Islands or Eilat in Israel if scheduled for any holidaying.

Seeking a warm escape this winter?

For everyone whether gay or otherwise escaping the winter for a warm retreat is usually a dream come true. There are few places that gays can escape to though, but here are a couple of gay friendly areas that will provide that escape retreat during this winter.

Puerto Rico; this is a destination for any gay that offers a warm getaway while fleeing the winter and its bitter cold this year. Why Puerto Rico you may wonder; the locals are friendly, the beaches are beautiful, the night life is great too. These are three great combinations that make Puerto Rico a warm winter gateway especially with the numerous gay bars and restaurants. Get to enjoy beautiful days and nights at Gay San Juan and the Atlantic beach hotel that is very famous for its gay beach. Enjoy much more away from the biting cold of the winter in a gay friendly community.

Sidney; enjoy the intriguing gay community at Sydney and the endless beaches with an endless supply of venues especially for the gay community. Despite the number of places that are gay friendly in Sydney the biggest population is concentrated around the oxford street in Darlinghurst. The gay Bondi Beach is an attraction for everyone in the gay community who visits Sidney.

New Zealand; Do you wish to travel to a friendly place during the winter with a group or partner? Then New Zealand is one such great destination point. It is one amongst the few places who are inclusive and opened minded in regard to the gay community. Way back in 1998 New Zealand adopted the label gay/lesbian friendly in their hotels, an initiative that gained recognition worldwide. After this initiative the country furthered this cause by expandin to getaways for the lesbian and gay community’s which are situated along the north island all the way to the glacial south of New Zealand. This community has never shied away from the gay tourism especially featuring the same sex marriages. This is a perfect getaway for gays during this winter where they can indulge in the gay ski week for activities. This activity takes place in the Queens Town and is taking the top place in the gay’s calendar.

Activities for the Gay during winter

Whistler pride activities

Couples or parties can choose to visit the whistler pride which is inviting all gay women and men from over 26 nations in the world to a get together. The objective of bringing this gay family together is to celebrate their diversity as well as explore the massive vastness in skiing. The whistler village is located merely 2000 feet thus more fresh air for the attendees without much attitude or latitude. This pedestrian village is easy to run around and is a great recommendation for the skiers and non skier, the riders and non-riders too. The breadth of activities is wide, affording everyone something to indulge in. Activities such as dog sledding, tube sliding, bungee jumping and others will be featuring during this time and a gay couple or group can choose what to engage in. They provide a flexible programming of their activities which will include the happy hour, comedy shows in the evenings, and cowboy parties that are themed to suit the different inclinations such as circuit boys, lesbians or the bears. Remember to mark this activity in your gay calendar, make a date with the whistler pride village on January 23rd all through to 31st 2016.

Gay Ski Week at Queens Town

The gay ski week is usually held in Queens Town and the question a gay party will need to answer is whether to ski or to snowboard. While trying both is not forbidden either and with a great starter pack, you might find it worth the investment despite the technicalities that may involve the two sports. The gay week has various events too one of them being the More Fm Opening Party where you get acquainted with the gang. However it is advised to take it easy due to the subsequent parties during the week which might take a toll on you. The activities are lined up as follows; Lyc Wet and Wild Foam Party, Durex Queer Quiz Night, True South Dining Experience and several other activities like the Highland Hook up Adventure Day.

Rainbow Fuerteventura

The rainbow Fuerteventura gay pride is an event carried out in the Canary Islands and is not famous due to the fact that the Gran Canaria and Lanzarote are the more famous destinations. This destination though upcoming sports an event that takes place on December 4th through to 8th. The event is usually carried out in largest resort town in this island but without the massive crowds that are found in large resort towns. Though the event is small it is worth a check by a gay party looking for an activity to preoccupy them in the winter due to the all round warmth of the Canary Islands

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