Sometimes you just need to be around people that accept you for who you are. People who live life to the fullest and do not care whether you are gay, bi, transsexual, or even traveling with straight friends.

Gone are the days when such a holiday destination or excursion was a fanciful notion reserved for only the rich and famous gays among us. That’s right – There are now literally hundreds of different types of trips that cater specifically to the gay and lesbian market, and many more that are gay friendly. These trips are sure to give you the enjoyment, peace, and relaxation that you crave in an environment that is suited to your lifestyle. In this post, we describe six common types of gay trips that should whet your appetite and get those creative planning juices flowing.


Cruises are growing in popularity amongst all sectors of travelers. Many gay couples (and singles alike), however, feel uncomfortable on a confined boat surrounded by young families and straight people. Let’s face it – it is difficult to get cozy in the hot tub with kids running around, or knowing that other straight couples are probably wondering what you are going to next. Thankfully, there are now cruises galore that cater specifically to the gay travel. Some companies, such as Atlantis and RSVP vacations will book out entire ships, while others offer smaller gatherings on a large cruise ship in the form of special parties and events. Whether you want to cruise the Caribbean, the Mexican Riviera, Europe, or Asia there is a gay cruise waiting for you to book.

Resort Vacations

For people who enjoy water by day and land by night, resorts are certainly the way to go. There are increasing numbers of resorts around the world that cater specifically to those individuals who live a gay lifestyle. Many such locations will be gay friendly, such as those dotting the Thai or Mexican landscape, while other will have specially designated ‘gay’ weeks to allow this demographic group to develop their own parties and activities free from interference. Many such locations offer the added advantage of an all-inclusive atmosphere so you can just arrive and enjoy the holiday to your hearts content without worrying about added or hidden expenses. There are several gay oriented companies in existence that arrange weeklong excursions to such locations. Consider going to the Hard Rock Vallarta (in Mexico) in November for a week of sun, parties, sports activities, and more. All of this takes place in a converted gay haven for the entire week. Even the staff are specially trained for the events that go on at the resort, so you can rest assured that you will be free to be yourself, meet others, and experience the gay vacation in a new and vibrant way. As mentioned, this type of vacation is all inclusive, meaning that all of your drinks, food, and activities are included in one price. In fact, the only fluctuation in pricing is dependent on the category of room that you choose.

Circuit Parties

As you likely know, gays love to party! This has turned into the creation of circuit parties that dot the globe at certain times of the year. G Circuit, for example, hosts several multi-day gatherings and parties in various cities throughout Asia and Europe. These events attract thousands of gays from across the region with a complete host of activities to keep revelers occupied day and night. With world class DJ’s, concerts, themed parties and the like, there is sure to be a party for every taste. Many circuit parties will have special events for Bears and Bear lovers, and other types of gay travelers as well. Look for circuit parties to be located in major gay cities of the world where special events and the cultural climate of the region are amenable to gay travel. These include, but are certainly not limited to, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Bangkok, and Taipei.

Weekend Getaways

Gay couples should not be excluded from the romantic getaway and thankfully there are a host of options now available around the world. Consider a bed and breakfast along the New England coast in the United States, a private cottage in the countryside of Europe, and almost anywhere in between. Many smaller getaway options, such boutique hotels and B&Bs, are definitely accommodating of the gay traveler, while others market exclusively to those living an alternative sexual lifestyle. There are other options that include adult only playgrounds and the like to ensure that nobody of a different mindset ruins the romance and activities that you have planned for the weekend.

Scuba Diving Anyone?

Not every holiday revolves around gay parties and activities. A growing number of travelers are using their holiday time to engage in a variety activities that appeal to straights and gays alike. Scuba diving is one such water sport that is growing in popularity today. If this appeals to you, know that there are a lot of gays around the world to keep you company. In fact, there are now entire liveaboard scuba trips that have been booked out exclusively for gay clientele at certain times of the year and last anywhere from a few days to several weeks. Not only can you show off that body you’ve been working to perfect, but also you can do so knowing that at night you can comfortably gaze under that stars with your significant other. If a one-day excursion suits you more, there are similar types of trips planned in major scuba destinations throughout Asia, Europe, and the America’s and beyond.

Free and Independent Travel (FITs)

To this point, we have largely focused our discussion on organized and theme oriented holidays that cater to the gay traveler. Many of you might want to let your independent and free spirit shine through a bit more, however, and set out on your own. If that sounds like your cup of tea, then considering planning your own free and independent travel tour. There are many fly and drive holidays throughout Europe, for example, where you fly into a major airport and then drive from place to place while you sightsee to your hearts content. With an increasing number of destinations around the world that no longer judge a person by their sexuality, the options available for free and independent travel are almost limitless. You can either create your trip, or have your gay and lesbian friendly travel agent put their experience to work for you and create a fantastic holiday that will be sure to amaze even the most discerning of travelers out there.

Believe it or not, this post just scratches the surface of what options await the gay traveler today. From water sports, to all out parties with no limits, there is literally a holiday waiting for every gay traveler out there to enjoy.
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