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An annual celebration of love, acceptance, and pride, the Columbus Pride Festival is a vibrant event that showcases the diversity and unity of the lgbtq+Q+ community in Columbus. The festival includes a parade, live performances, vendor booths, and various other activities

"Every year we continue to grow and build a bigger, better and bolder Pride festival. 2022 was our largest Pride event ever to date. Over 5800 people from all over the country including Hawaii came to Columbus Georgia to attend. 2022 was also our largest year ever of sponsors with over 115 individuals, organizations and businesses who joined our team to ensure Pride Festival was a triumphant success. And just in case you were wondering The Columbus Georgia Pride Festival of 2022 brought in $128k in revenue for our city. Every year we have seen growth and progress take place, dreams come true, lives changed forever and more importantly people being bold and brave and coming out and being themselves. 2023 WILL BE OUR GREATEST YEAR EVER as we celebrate our 10th anniversary of operations here in Columbus Georgia. Over the past ten years we have seen so much take place. Some Good and some bad, but through it all we stand together united and working hard to ensure Columbus Georgia becomes one of the most diverse and accepting cities in America. We are proud of all our accomplishments and groundbreaking programs that we have started and still are going strong today."

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