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Sunday June 19th Folsom Street East, Inc. brings the S.L.U.T.S. (Sex Love Unity Trust Safety) experience, returning to the streets and our roots with a brand new FSE. After 3 long years we’re excited to bring you "Outta The Dark And Into The Streets" for our 23rd annual celebration showcasing the wide spectrum of fetish community in all our colors.

This year finds us back where we began in the West Village in one of the most historic places for LGBTQIA+ culture: Christopher Street. After the success of last Year’s Heritage of Pride Pop-Up, together again with Rockbar we’re (re)turning one of queer NYC’s most loved spaces for the leather, fetish and kink community into our nighttime playground in the sun—music, sights, fun, fellowship—everything you’ve come to expect from Folsom Street East over the years. Come out in gear, have fun and represent your flag! All are welcomed and encouraged to celebrate with us and enjoy some long-awaited camaraderie. We look forward to seeing you there. Finally.
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