Gay Country Rank: 10/193
A pride full of revindication, emotion and lots of fun.

From Expositions, concerts, presentations, talks, arts, theatre, beach...
A Stand at the port to ensure maximum visibility dedicated to artists, dancers, shows and a group of humans that makes everything incredible.
For the night lovers, we have an intense clubbing agenda with parties for all tastes & styles..
Without any doubt, the most awaited and inspiring event is the pride march parade for the LGBTIQ rights, that will be celebrated on Saturday late afternoon. Every year, we expect a bigger participation from the citizens of Ibiza, that won’t hesitate to bring out all the colours possible and come out to the streets to live a really emotional moment.
Thank you to all the visitors that came from across the globe, and to the island of Ibiza for the big turn over that allows us to experience a fully inspirational and successful IbizaGayPride.
We are preparing our new edition, did you already sign up?

Ibiza Gay Pride 2022
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