Mainz CSD, or Christopher Street Day Mainz, is an annual lgbtq+Q+ pride event held in Mainz, Germany. It typically takes place during the summer months, usually in June or July. The event celebrates the lgbtq+Q+ community and promotes awareness, understanding, and acceptance for people of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.

The first Mainz CSD took place in 2004 and has since grown in size and prominennce.  The event is named after Christopher Street in New York City, where the Stonewall Riots took place in 1969, a pivotal moment in the modern lgbtq+Q+ rights movement.

Mainz CSD features a colorful parade with participants from various lgbtq+Q+ organizations, local businesses, and allies marching together. Alongside the parade, the event also includes a street festival with live music, speeches, and entertainment. The festival usually spans multiple stages and areas in the city, offering a diverse range of activities for visitors.

The event is organized by a dedicated group of volunteers, who work tirelessly to ensure that the event runs smoothly and remains inclusive and welcoming. Mainz CSD has a strong focus on promoting acceptance and equality, and it often partners with other local and national organizations that share these values.

In recent years, Mainz CSD has expanded to incorporate related events, such as film screenings, panel discussions, and workshops. These events aim to foster a deeper understanding of the issues faced by the lgbtq+Q+ community and to provide opportunities for dialogue and education.

Mainz CSD is a significant cultural event in the city, attracting thousands of visitors from the local area, across Germany, and even internationally. It is a joyous celebration of love, diversity, and solidarity, making it a must-attend event for anyone who wishes to show their support for the lgbtq+Q+ community.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, I recommend checking the official Mainz CSD websit:

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