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With 16 major parties held in Miami, the white party week is not to be missed, and it’s all for charity! This week has become one of the main highlights of the Miami gay calendar, attracting thousands of people from all over the U.S.A and as far afield as Europe.

Miami White Party all begins with White Journey, the signature kick-off dance event at Cameo nightclub . Witness a stellar night in sight and sound at White Dreams at Club Space .
The main event is held on the Saturday evening with a reception taking place at the Perez Art Museum. The event is a rebirth of it in true VIP fashion as attendees are invited to dress to impress in their finest formal wear. The VIP reception will be followed by a huge after party at Score. Other highlights include the stunning Saturday Pool Party together with Sunday at the Beach, with the Muscle Beach party from 1pm to 8am followed by the White Sunset T Dance.

It’s doubtful a party week like this could take place anywhere other than Miami. The country’s acknowledged party capital offers the biggest of big rooms and the buffest of buff men. In South Beach, visitors luxuriate in fabulous hotels renovated back to their original Art-Deco splendor. They take in the sights—architectural and physiological—on pedestrian-only Lincoln Road or pastel-shaded Ocean Drive. At no time does SoBe shine as brightly or as gaily as during White Party Week. The whole area seems to have gone gay. Or rather, gayer, if that’s even possible.

Attendees’ money goes directly into the coffers of Care Resource, the area’s premier AIDS service organization. Over the years, White Party Week has raised millions of dollars, nearly $600,000 in one year alone.
We have chosen Hotels close to the gay bars that have high reviews,

White Party Week Miami 2019
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