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Warwickshire Pride 2023
Warwickshire Pride is the primary LGBT+ organisation in Warwickshire. We run a number of services and social events for LGBT+ people across the county. Our mission is:
"to ensure that all people feel valued and included in society, regardless of sexuality or gender identity"
We also have the following objectives, that are for the benefit of LGBT+ people:
1.To preserve and protect the physical and mental health of such people, in particular, but not exclusively through:
a. The provision of information, guidance and emotional support;
b. Safe, social meeting spaces where people can explore verbally and express their sexual orientation or gender identity.
2.The promotion of equality and diversity in the Warwickshire area for the public benefit by:
a. The elimination of discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity;
b. Working in partnership with other providers and community groups to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues, and the needs of LGBT+ young people and adults;
c. Advancing education and raising awareness in equality and diversity, with a focus on sexual orientation and gender identity.

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